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You AreThe Light

I stared at the candle flame.
Then I closed my eyes and witnessed a flame in my mind.
I went deep into being a flame, darting in and out and yet remaining steady, yet always darting.
understand the flame, it is life. When it is over it is extinguished.
Yet it will have left, its residue and it will have achieved a purpose..
It may have questioned its path, always darting.
It may dart, to find new breath, to maintain its life.
Some how, I still feel sadness, even in its brightness, never a calm, never a rest, an endless toil to stay alive.
I don’t know why, I perceived it as toil.
It could be a dance in joy, breathing drops of love, that ever excitement in excellence, grasping and twirling with vibrant pleasure. Singing be the light.
In both instances the flame burns, in an instant from sadness to exuberance.
Choose to be the exuberant light you are!
Be Love Always
Rev Jay

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