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Why is Love Avoiding Me?

 Why is Love  Avoiding Me?

This week the most sought after answer was about love relationships. I have three of the most important help solutions for love relationships.

1) You can not ever be in a true happy love relationship with out liking yourself first. Not necessarily your physical appearance or  how you look. If you like yourself you take care of yourself  and your physical appearance.I am speaking of your inner self -if you cannot find love for your self you really are not available for someone else.

2) Seek someone available. So many relationships are started with people who are in another relationship. If the person roams – when there significant other – is not home – they will be roaming on you. An available person washes their own underwear. (unless you still live with mom or dad).

3) Be authentic -pretending you like everything gets old fast for the pretender. It is ok to have differences and it is ok, to agree to disagree.  Never allow someone to not honor your truth. Without authenticity a relationship will not work.    

Be Love Always

Rev. Jay

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