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Why Call On Jesus When You Pray?

I have been asked this many times and I have stumbled with the answer. I always gave the answer that was on my heart and my truth. I was always correct; it was just hard to follow my answers. Today I got a bit of clarity when doing my morning prayers.

First I would like to say we should all pray directly to God in Jesus’ Name.

The reason we pray in Jesus’ name is; Jesus and his life represent completion for everyone. Our humanness can fail to perceive the perfectness of God’s divine response. However, Jesus through salvation and atonement never fails to perceive the perfectness in God’s divine response. Jesus is, of, and one with God through his salvation and the atonement.

We have not completed our path and we cannot totally understand “Divine Perfect Love”. Why would you wish to relive the crucifixion; when Jesus has completed it for you? You will again one day, be in perfect oneness with God. Until your return home call on Jesus, to secure Divine understanding.

We all have direct access to God our father, commune and pray with him daily. Bring with you, the Atonement of Christ; it is the path completed for you. The conservations or prayer will unfold into understanding. When you get clarity you know the truth. I got simple clarity today. I know it as my truth.  My hope is I was able to convey it clearly for you.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay  


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