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I am a consumer, mostly of food products. I have noticed that prices have sharply risen. While we are not distracted with non rising gas prices, they are quietly raising food prices. It is becoming a bit crazy with non essentials costs increasing the most. They always start with non essentials because you are less likely to be driven to mass outrage.  It keeps the consumer thinking the economy is stable and it is inflation

I purchased a pre-made graham cracker pie crust. To my surprise it was $4.38 for one pie crust. In a different purchase I bought 4 cans of cherry pre-made pie filling. I went to make the pie when I realized the amount in each can is less than it used to be and I used three cans for one pie instead of two. Each can actually contained approx 1oz less of the filling. Making the cost of a homemade cherry pie $15.00 dollars.

I would not have noticed some of the price changes, but my son is home from college and I eat differently when he is home. I do not eat much red meat or hamburger but when he is home we eat a lot more. I paid over $7.50 for a pound of deli lunch meat. One pound between two adult males lasted three days for lunch and one breakfast.  Less than 5 months ago the vegetables and salads that I always purchase, went up sharply approx $12.000 dollars more now.

No national outrage because people are not united in outrage. We are so passive; as the elderly and poor go without. People on pensions do not have food stamps. Low income single people on minimum wage do not have food stamps. People with food stamps can’t buy enough food to last for a month based on their stipend. The low income to middle class are really feeling and carrying the burden of these increased prices.

When gas increases people have a common single subject to rally against. When food and item purchases increase, there is no single item to rally around. This allows governments and big business to get away with whatever prices they can.  The population accepts this and feels helpless.

Enter the reality of Environmental-Life-Ministries. Our programs are needed more than ever. The many churches and food programs and clothing programs are now being visited by middle class people. One family was forced to seek assistance and yet the car they owned out right was a Mercedes. They were completely financially strapped with three children.  Her family said sells the car but then they would have no transportation.  The reliability of the car was one thing they counted on. If they sold the car and got a cheaper used car they would then be left to its reliability. They did finally get gainful employment again.

Community gardens and Church gardens programs are definitely beneficial where ever they are utilized. The benefits are not superficial. Many people are lacking the experience of being part of a community or a good neighbor.  Low income and financially strapped people are lacking socialization. These programs create a common bond and community socialization and food.

When people learn to propagate plants they use that knowledge because it is an enjoyable activity. I have taught children to propagate plants and those children will never go hungry. They will always be able to grow food.  When you learn to save seeds you learn to have an endless food supply. When you learn to grow trees you have an available skill to supplement your income. When people learn these skills, they love to share their knowledge. It is a rich and positive cycle for every community.

When people come and get free food it is received as a great gift. When people are taught a skill it has massive benefits. When people learn everyone is your neighbor, a community develops. In an after school program; 14 committed children grew flowers for every mother in the entire school, for mother’s day. I have found the elderly love these programs too. Try introducing these ideas and make a difference for many people and your community.

 The possibilities are endless based on a committed group. One supervisor of a bi- weekly program; with 12 people (2 groups of 6 people assisting, just once a month) can create enough food to supplement 70 families). Programs can start up with little to no costs. Donations collected can start your group with buying seeds, plants, soil, etc. Your donations here helps continue the growth of  these out reach programs. 

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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