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We Must Unite In Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I write on the state of the corruption in our world. I don’t usually take on such issues and instead try to bring forth a helpful spiritual message. I am worried about the life we have come to know, ending. Corruption has become so blatant they do not deny it anymore or try to hide it anymore. I have seen articles that state the stock market is fixed. I have seen articles of governmental corruption at every level of government. I have seen large corporation that control the use of non FDA approved bio-engineered foods. I have seen The USA go from peacekeeper to war monger.

There is so much hate and animosity in the middle east. I have experience banking takeovers and the influx of illegal’s coming across our unprotected boarders. I have driven through non effective security immigrant check points in New Mexico.

This is the beginning of the end. The end of the life we have been living. I know laws have been put in effect to seize in active bank accounts and safety deposit boxes even when people are still alive and are actively incompliance with all fees associated with the accounts.

This can go on and on. I am stopping here.

I have let go of as much fear as possible. I have to place my trust and seek divine intervention. I believe this is the only recourse to end the total abuse of the current governments of the world. The current food suppliers, the current pharmaceuticals, the abortion programs, the banking industry the chemical companies. The illegal’s entering our country, the seizure of personal property, the murder, wars, elderly abuse, etc

I am just one person. It takes just 10% of a group to cause change. If 10% of the world banded together in unity to reinstate “Love” the whole world could change. If just 10% of the world called on God to end every fear, all pain, all corruption, all hate, lies, etc. The world would change. I know of a group called The Children of the Sun, that got ten thousand people to pray all at once at 8 pm in June 2014 across the world for the end of financial corruption. This is how we are going to bring back a life of Love and Unity.

It matters not where you live, your nationality, your religion, your skin color, your financial ability. “WE” all people need to bring love into everything; we think and do. If all gestures were from love, there would be no hate. If mistakes were made, love can allow forgiveness.  Love is universal for every culture and people share love. Even if they do not know the word love, the energy of love is felt from heart to heart.

Why would I write such a blog as this?  I love our world. I am afraid it is in great peril. I urge you to pray that people find and use love in all they say and do.  I believe if we do not unite as people our world will fail to exist.  Please pray it is important now more than ever, you can see the lies, corruption. When evil and ugliness and discord become blatant and do not even try to disguise its’ intent we are nearing the end.  Hope, Love and Prayer are the answer. Only Unity in Love can end this madness.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James


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