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Valentines Day Message

Oh yes; the most noted day of love, Valentine’s Day is here. The day is welcomed each year by people wanting to experience validation that one truly is cared about. If not for Valentine’s Day many relationships may never get even remember or validated ever. How sad is it that, when we have to designate a certain day to validate we love someone. This day has gotten quite commercial just as Christmas, etc.

I feel these special day are celebrated and enjoyed, because for the most part, if it were not for theses days many would miss out on any day in a year for hope,  joy,  peace, happiness, etc. Life does not have to be that way. I find in the discovery of God; with and through you, everyday can be met with the assurance of love happiness, joy peace. 

I have participated in the tradition of Valentine’s Day for many, many years including this year. I know there would be many hurt feelings, if I did not afford my sweet children and family members some validation that I love them and care. Why it is a tradition. I don’t believe it would be necessary if we  understood how God’s perfect love is validated daily.

When you connect with God; the tradition of a holiday or special day becomes every day. It happens because he surprises and validates his love every day.  I find that when your heart is open to Gods’ love energy moves in such joy and certainty every day. In that marciolus living you chose to always be sharing and giving and validating real love. You may still participate in traditional holidays as I do; but these holidays “special days” become supurplous to have any value other than a marketing tool.

I use to not be happy, I use to always be angry, I use to feel alone even though I had friends, family and lovers. When I went with in to understand how to connect to the divine truth, was when for the first time, I had revelation. I am God’s child. Once I awoke to that truth my whole life changed.

I awoke to the truth that whenever I am not happy or in joy is really a denial that God is truly there. In those moments of lack, I discovered theses are moments to seize, to truly change and find the truth you are supported by love and grace. Once when passing out bibles the person said what good is a book when we are hungry? We cannot eat a book. NO you cannot eat a book but that does not mean with its knowledge you cannot be fed. When countries like Africa, do not feed their people. God allows even the consumption of dirt to ward off starvation. When mankind fails to help or mankind fails to understand, when there is no solution presented; God moves in grace.

When the USA got attacked on 9/11, there was no understanding such a heinous act against innocent people of every nationality. Death is permanent when experienced with the physical body. God stepped in with a welling of human compassion. With everyone griping to assist a brother, sister, mother daughter, father at that moment there was no separation of brotherhood, everyone mattered. Only compassion for all was shared. God stepped in with world relief for hundreds when the tsunami decimated lives. In Gods’ grace and compassion the world stepped forward.

The big things described above are the easiest to see examples of God’s Grace in assistance. Every day there is so much divine assistance. It usually goes unreported. The reason why is- Gods’ assistance is selfless. The angles that are helping are nameless faces. What if we all recognized our divinity every day? What if we united as a planet instead of a country, state or village? I try very hard to be “Perfect Love Always”. When you try to be perfect love always you experience God’s love for you and through you. I try to always see Christ or divinity in everyone. It is difficult at times. When I can’t; it is in understanding of my resistance I grow exponentially. If we were taught to be perfect love, to embrace are passions, to allow grace to guide our creations and love for all to lead us; heaven would indeed be here on earth.

Our world could easily be heaven on earth. Some people live with heaven on earth. I believe I live a gifted life full of passion, grace, joy peace love (heaven). I am no different than you except I see every day is Valentine’s Day validation of God’s love. If on any day I forget or choose not to see God’s truth, I need only to turn to God and apologies for turning away from him and his truth.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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