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The Need For Change:

The need to make change:

We all need to make changes in the ever forward movement of life. Many people don’t like change but I am here to tell you, to embrace change. It is so necessary for true growth to constantly be changing. I want to help you to understand, if you do not embrace change or you refuse to change, the universe will bring forth change anyway. So why resist?

When we are going at one hundred miles an hour it is hard to stop. When the universe says you need to slowdown or need to stop and you refuse to listen; guess what? The universe brings forth the change and it is usually in a way we do not want change. It can bring car accidents, health emergencies, or even deaths in families.

Unhealthy life styles bring addiction, violence, divorce, and many other problems.These hardships are in your life screaming for you to change. If we do not embrace and make needed changes we repel downward in a negative spiral, eventually hitting bottom.

The good news is life is much simpler than fighting change. If we do not pay our rent or mortgage we lose our housing through eviction or foreclosure. If we choose- to have housing- we learn quickly to pay our rent or mortgage. People always need more money even the very rich. It is not how much money you have or make, it is the consistency of the flow; that makes all the difference.

Some people who are very poor have all they need, some people who are rich do not have enough. How can that be? Choice makes the difference. A motivated poor person experiences change as a road to freedom and embraces the desire for change. The experiences that drive a desire for change bring fruitful results. Some people call it manifesting.

When we live as creators we are always seeing change and receiving the joy in achieving change. What are the changes that are needed in your life? What are the efforts you are taking to have change happen in your life? What are you creating in your life that may bring you down an unwanted road?

An alcoholic only becomes one by choosing to drink. The ending of the affliction is choosing not to drink-the choice for no change is a road ladened with burdens; leading to homelessness, sickness and even death. Poverty seems the hardest affliction to break, however poverty is really a mindset. Only when you are assessing what you do and do not have are you aware of lack.

A person in Ethiopia does not suffer from lack of a play station or x-box. The elderly person in Ethiopia, sees the youth able to walk the two miles to get water and knowing they will go without water because of poor health and the inability to make the trek for water. The elderly then must make a change, in exchange for water assistance or they parish. That is true poverty.

I see a world changing everyday and each one of us is responsible to change too. Some of us will move forward and embrace the flow of change. Some, will try to defiantly resist change and change will be forced upon them. Some will try to maintain without trying to change but change will happen anyway.

How we honor change is important to understand. Looking at your life; understanding how to reach true happiness is your responsibility and whatever the situation, through change a return to a happy life is possible. We are creators and we can manifest our choices, it probably will take effort but that is why embracing change is so powerful.

Embracing change allows for the universe to bring forth a desired result with an easier way other than discord. Resulting in a road less encumbered with pitfalls, detours and forced compliance. 

Embracing change give you the opportunity to allow more joy, more happiness, and  better choices. The universe gives us what we ask for So;Only ask for what is in your “Best And Highest Interest” ! Then affirm, allow, receive, and be in gratitude.  





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