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The Life We All Want!

The Life We All Want:

I believe we all have similar lives. We start at birth and we grow and then we pass on. That applies to every human life on earth. Some cultures believe we just shed our physical body and the soul travels on. In many ways that is what happens, in the beliefs of most religions. The variations of what happens next, is mostly where lines of culture and faith vary.

Lets ask then the age old question; why? Why do we live? This then brings up a myriad of other questions and answers depending on where you grew up and the culture. Since science is incapable of a definitive ability to answer this question. People of every land are left to form their own conclusions. We all must rely on choice and faith.

Then we are left to seek guidance by the wisest and most enlightened people of our culture. These people are the people who have the ability to know Gods’ will.  Jesus knew Gods’ will. Moses was directed to know the will of God.  In other cultures Babaji and Mabaji or other great Swami’s or Yogis, The Buddha knew their Gods will.

Wars have been fought on who has the right or wrong religion. We as people of the same world have universal commonalities. The number one thing is faith. Faith unites people in belief.  It is the imposing of your faith that causes others distress.

We as people of a common world share commonalities that even from different cultures still apply. Every culture understands kindness and compassion, every culture understands love and sharing. I have my beliefs and I wish to share them with everyone. I never impose my beliefs and I try to live as an example of my beliefs.  Always, I try to come from a place of love and kindness and caring. I am always willing to share to the degree I can.

Loving, caring and sharing and compassion never means to sacrifice. We all must operate within our means and abilities. We all have an ability to communicate with God and to choose to be good. We just need to use prayer, meditation, and faith. God brings forth the experiences and we choose how we experience them. The more love, caring, sharing, and compassion the more heavenly, the experience. The more negative the approach, the worse the experience. Have you seen people who have had horrific experiences yet are able to forgive, the rapist, the drunk driver, the murderer?  The freedom and peace they are granted through forgiveness results in salvation. The non-forgiver lives in the sadness of tragedy awaiting salvation.

We all carry a cross and in the experience the cross can be lifted or weighed down by choice. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Forgiving removes the illusion; that only puts burden on yourself, that you must suffer- for only you feel your inability to be free from grief, hatred etc.  A perpetrator or person, or events, that keep you in unforgiveness, never feels your pain, your grief or your sorrow. Only you feel it, and know what you hold on to. Letting go will free you to move into to a more enlightened state and salvation. 

Having the life you want is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. Caring is a choice. Life is all choice.  When you choose with God in your heart, people don’t get hurt; love is experienced, and shared. Joy abounds. Jesus the Christ, his main message in the New Testament stated –love thy neighbor.

Love, caring, sharing and compassion are universal and don’t hurt but always unite. In forgiveness is salvation and you open  to life again. Be a child of God and unite and do not fight, forgive and Be Love Always. Choose the life everyone wants.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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