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What Anyone with Common Sense Can Do

  I am a consumer, mostly of food products. I have noticed that prices have sharply risen. While we are not distracted with non rising gas prices, they are quietly raising food prices. It is becoming a bit crazy with non essentials costs increasing the most. They always start with non essentials because you are less likely to be driven to mass outrage.  It keeps the consumer thinking the economy i
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We Must Unite In Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I write on the state of the corruption in our world. I don’t usually take on such issues and instead try to bring forth a helpful spiritual message. I am worried about the life we have come to know, ending. Corruption has become so blatant they do not deny it anymore or try to hide it anymore. I have seen articles that state the stock market is fixed. I have seen articles of governmental corruptio
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Drops of Love For All -Pome by Rev James

I send drops of love to every soul on earth today Let it be felt in drops from the sun Let it be felt from that special one Let it be felt in the drops of rain Let it be felt in the ease up of pain Let it be felt as you make a choice Let it be felt in a friend’s kind voice Let it be felt when you share something new Let it be felt in all that you do Let it be felt as you ease someone’s fears Let i
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