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Prayer and The Holy Spirit:


I wish to help you find a better way and understanding of God and our relationship. The Holy Spirit doesn’t get his/her fair shake in being taught. I find a lot of biblical scriptures tell of the descent of the Holy Spirit. I however, had to avail to many other sources to understand The Holy Spirits importance.

I don’t mean to summarize in a trite way any of scripture. I write always in reverence and great respect and love to help enlighten people. I do try to make it short and understandable. So here is the short version and my understanding.

God is Our Father, The Holy Creator of all and the source of all Divine and Perfect Love. All God’s creations are made perfect, for to think otherwise would be to believe God is not perfect. Perfection is seen in all nature and the universe. Man can see his/her perfection through enlightenment.

Man was gifted the ability of creation, biblically  the naming of all animals for example. When man obtained choice, man started creating. Man started separation from God through ego or choice- through creation. In Christ we were gifted the way completed. Through the crucifixion and the atonement of sin and resurrection the correction of mans creations completed. Through Christ we were gifted The Holy Spirit for remembrance and divine knowing.

Through Christ we are given understanding of Gods’ Divine will. Christ having lived as man; and knowing our human separation, gave us the way again to “Divine” understanding or God’s will.  Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit, as the way of divine remembrance and divine knowing. Allowing for healing and miracles through the Holy Spirits’ knowing and remembrance.  The Holy Spirit has all remembrance of God’s will and is your Christ Consciousness.The Holy Spirit dwells deep within your true self. The Holy Spirit is your way of remembrance, of the way and Gods’ truth.

When you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all you do, your life will change completely. I just ask the Holy Spirit; what is Gods’ will and I am sure I get Gods’ truth. I start each day with-Holy Spirit guide me today. I utilize the Holy Spirit all the time, for example: I ask how I should I do this Holy Spirit? What does this mean Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit guide me. Holy Spirit I have no control and need your assistance in knowing and gifting a miracle.

Prayer to God is always heard. Always pray to God. Pray to God in Jesus’ name. Allow the Holy Spirit to work Gods’ will through you, in actions, in remembrance and in miracles. The truth and love of God is always in you. You are also of God and of his Divine Oneness with all creation. The Holy Spirit is the Divine light within. There is no separation only choice.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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