Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

  • Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

Our Passion

"Lets Grow A New Earth Together"

Our Mission

L-Lead the way, O-Offer hope, V-Voice love for, E-Everyone

Our Hope

To always practice: "God Through Me" **See Blog

Our Purpose

Creating and sharing abundance to help all

"Help Make A Difference"

By Donating you are helping many others around the world. Please help us make a difference in the world

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Reverend James' Blog

Changing the World

Changing the World:    I have for a good part of my life had plenty of time. Time for the family, time for friends, time for work, time for fun, time for my music, time to exercise, time to volunteer. I ask myself, how could now be different? Why am I not ending my days till the
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Fear and Control

Fear and Control: Fear and control go hand in hand. When someone has a fear, be it apparent or sub-conscious it results in a need to or for control. A way to understand this is as with a phobia. An example is with a fear of spiders and a need never to see one. However, when we look mo
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The Holy Bible- Have You Read It ?

How do I bring forth the message of all Christ has done for us? In one word “Love”-Jesus out of love and choice gave us redemption for our sin. He and he alone stands as the savior of our troubled world. He gave his life in honor and love that we might live.  Through Jesus we can agai
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                                                                           I have a desire to teach people how to love correctly. The concept to “love correctly” seems mute to most people. Most people believe because you love, that it is then correct love. This is a false premise; you
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    CONCERTS: Sunrise nursing and Rehabilitation Home 1-15-2014 @ 10 am

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