Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

  • Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

Our Passion

"Lets Grow A New Earth Together"

Our Mission

L-Lead the way, O-Offer hope, V-Voice love for, E-Everyone

Our Hope

To always practice: "God Through Me" **See Blog

Our Purpose

Creating and sharing abundance to help all

"Help Make A Difference"

By Donating you are helping many others around the world. Please help us make a difference in the world

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Reverend James' Blog


Hope I have times when “things” are not going right, as a minister that surprises people. I do not have a church of people, to teach and help give me a salary. I have done all my minister work, for free. I have been doing this work, for many years now. I paid for all my mission trips
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God Loves You!

    God loves you!  God loves you!  He is guiding us through, the most troubled times on earth and offers you salvation.  That is right salvation, here on earth. I at this time do not have a congregation, in a church. I still have words flowing, through me and out of me, tha
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Affirmations Are Prayer

Affirmations Are Prayer: I pray every day. I believe affirmations, are a form of prayer. I believe what you say, is present in your life and if you are focused on lack, that is what you are creating. I believe if you affirm what is the truth- then truth, is what you will have in your
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Be The Light

Be The Light Is life boring, humdrum, are you just not smiling? Be the light! It is as easy, as choosing to be the light. Choose the intention, set forth to make everyone smile and be happy. When you choose to be the light, you become a light and everyone around you is changed. You sm
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    CONCERTS: Sunrise nursing and Rehabilitation Home 1-15-2014 @ 10 am

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