Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

  • Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

Our Passion

"Lets Grow A New Earth Together"

Our Mission

L-Lead the way, O-Offer hope, V-Voice love for, E-Everyone

Our Hope

To always practice: "God Through Me" **See Blog

Our Purpose

Creating and sharing abundance to help all

"Help Make A Difference"

By Donating you are helping many others around the world. Please help us make a difference in the world

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Reverend James' Blog

Why Call On Jesus When You Pray?

I have been asked this many times and I have stumbled with the answer. I always gave the answer that was on my heart and my truth. I was always correct; it was just hard to follow my answers. Today I got a bit of clarity when doing my morning prayers. First I would like to say we shou
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Spare the Rod- Spoil the Child? Encourage? Fostering?

  New experiences are fun, exciting, scary, and challenging and all the other descriptive terms you can think of. This year has been about new experience for me. I have been skydiving with my 21 yr old son, I have been zip lining with my 18 year old daughter. The zip lining was f
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I Am My Word

I AM MY WORD: In life we are called to be many things. We get in situations and may not even know why. All we go through is just experience. All that happens in life is in God’s timing and you are right where, you should be and doing what you are doing. You are living your life to exp
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15 Minutes To World Peace

15 minutes; Taking just 15 minutes a day can change your life. How? When you just sit and allow love to flow through you and to you, it changes your life and others. Many people do this in the form of prayer and prayer is wonderful and totally appropriate, as is meditation, or intenti
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    CONCERTS: Sunrise nursing and Rehabilitation Home 1-15-2014 @ 10 am

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