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I have great concern for our planet. I advocate living as harmoniously as possible. I see our world hurt by pollution. I worry about the whales, dolphins, and sea life and exposure to the radioactive waste being dumped in to the oceans by Japan. I just read that Japan is now seeking world assistance in their ever growing problem. Denial can no longer be their stance.

Did we wait too long? Are we too late to correct this ongoing current world catastrophe? Japans actions affect everyone globally. The radiation particles do not just decay they can take 400 yrs or more years to break down and to be eliminated. What are we to do? Are we helpless? There are no simple answers. One thing is for sure we must move away from believing it is going to correct itself. 

We as a world will lose every aspect of life on this planet if we are not all stewards of its health. I hope we have not become so callas in thought that the destruction of our earth is inevitable.  I have heard people say all good things have to come to an end. I disagree with that concept. I think we as a population think everything is replaceable and therefore we let go of our good things, we dispose of them and they come to an end.

When love is shared correctly I believe it carries on past this life throughout eternity, it does not end. I don’t want to let our beautiful earth end. I love all nature, leaves, tress, flowers, water, sunset, sunrises, hills, valley, mountains, lakes, creeks, streams. I love people and the sharing and caring, differences in culture, and children. I love animals, pets and food. I could go on and on.

Do we want our world to end? I for one deem it important and wish for it to continue to exist long after me.  If we could see authentically how each person is just a person! If we could just allow, each of us enough space to honor our own truths. If we could just allow our choices to affect our self and not project our truths on others. If when we unite as a race, everyone as a humans. We might be able to stop this catalitismic decline of our earth.

Japans problem is every person on this earths’ problem too. The whales, dolphins, sea life and water are not placing blame. They are just dying, mutating and being eliminated. Raise your voice in prayer as a world united in the choice, to help our earth not be destroyed. I believe only source God; can truly help us turn this around. It will take every voice in unison to call for this earth to be rescued from our negligence. Only as a united world can we make the real changes we need.

I hope we wake up very quickly or our grandchildren will be left to die, or mutate, or be eliminated. Please call on our greatest minds on earth to help Japan. To help us! Please raise your voice in love and request for divine assistance. I am not a “doomsayers” because I have faith in each of you; my brothers and sisters from every culture on this earth, just care and pray. We can save this earth and our humanity.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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