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October 2013

I have been through much in October. The month went very fast and with the death of my father, many of my duties fell to the waste side and just did not get completed. I wrote a blog while I was in the middle of my family dilemma. It was an angry satire and not at my father but rather at the dysfunction I felt among my mother and siblings. I just opened to the grace of God and he helped mend some of the lack of balance and I became grounded and returned to the state of being, I usually operate in. Needless to say I got through the ordeal.

I also started a website.  It was hours of distraction from my family crisis and a real excuse to be busy. I am laughing now because the chaos was a lot and it was everywhere at once. People react to death in many different ways. I believe when the doorway to this life closes you exit and enter a new door way. I believe Jesus, The Christ died, that we might live and he died for the redemption of all human sin (freeing us from sin). I feel my father had a choice to go to the light and he did. I do not believe it honors the dead or your loved one, to mourn for an extended period of time. I celebrate that he has entered a new doorway and I pray and hope it brings him more than any human existence possibly could.

Life on earth is a journey towards enlightenment.  I have met people who have heaven here on earth.  I have to say enlightened people see life on earth mostly as an illusion and are not slaves to money or possessions. They operate from their hearts always giving, sharing, loving, believing faithfully, and remaining in the choice of joy, peace and tranquility. These people do not honor the ego’s illusion of malice contempt, anger, hate or any ugliness. They refrain even from gossip and judgments. They offer true unconditional love as a way of life. They always live their truths and are authentic to the best of their human ability.

If you catch yourself not being nice or not a source of God’s love. Cancel the thought or actions simply buy saying, I cancel this thought or action. If you “Stop participating” realize you just grew in enlightenment. When you realize you’re not being nice and not helping and you “end” your ugliness or behavior you have awakened to a better you. If you cannot help yourself and feel you must continue negatively try to assess why you lack love or feel you cannot find love in your heart. If you carry a grudge or cannot forgive only you know your hurt feelings, only you experience your feelings, until you spew your ugliness.  Instead heal your thought and remember love and happiness are what you desire. Forgive and release your anger and happiness will be restored. Unforgiveness is a poison you drink and only hurts you.  Unconditional love is divine and the road to the greatest happiness.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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