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New Little Flower Poems, to Start The New Year 2013

                                                                                                                                        RED ROSE .

Little Flower 

A new year has graced my life

There is so much good

There is so much right

You are so lovely to behold

You are more precious than gold

How great is my God to let me know such love

You are the beauty and breath of my happiness

I love you 



Little flower

A new year has graced your life

I hope you find the peace

You seek deep inside

I hope you are held a new

In the fact

I love you



Little flower

A new year has graced your life

Choose to smile

Choose to walk in his light

Release all that is wrong

Embrace all that is right





Little flower

A new year has graced your life

The snow still weighs cold

On the ground

Don’t be sad

For the snow shall leave for spring

Changing everything

Choose love and joy and peace

And all the rest

Just release


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