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My Soul Mission

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MY Soul Mission

I have to laugh –I have had so many personal comments on my blog – I listened to them all because, most of the comments came from friends – first rule, not such long blogs, save that wind for my sermons. On that note, I am going to lighten up a lot. I will still try to convey a message.

I am always trying new things, to make me better, smarter, and even better looking. “Everyone” I know agrees don’t- dye your hair any more. I have decided to listen, to that inner voice and I have come to the conclusion I am- GRAY FOR A REASON. That reason is- I am 52 and God, made me, to look like this- sorry all you thirty year old girls, looking for a slightly older guy.  I am an older guy.

Let me get back on track, I am doing an educational program –it is called Soul Coaching. I am not here to plug the program, even though I am enjoying it. I am here to give you a suggestion, Try to identify your Soul Mission and write it down. This can be a very private endeavor.   Once you conclude and write your Soul Mission- you gain a real purpose, for the activities you shall engage in, for now or the rest of your life.

I said for now, because you may change your Soul Mission, but if it is really, your Soul Mission, it won’t change much with time. I am going to be brave and share mine.  My Soul Mission is:  To embrace the sweetness of love and life, in the essence of opulent living and in the joy of servitude to all humanity.

If you were, to really know me, you would know I am very frugal, but I still live well. I want to experience living on earth, as in heaven—we all know you cannot bring material stuff with you- Gaining stuff, because you can, that is greedy living or excessive living – opulent living for me entails, all my needs met and the ability to enjoy everything in its true beauty- Servitude is a calling and when motivated, by the love of God, can be done with little effort.. I thank God for allowing me to serve.

Write your Soul Mission. Try from that day forth, to reach your highest level of possibility, and enjoy the journey!

Be Love Always,

Reverend Jay

Ps. watch for new photos of me! Coming soon.

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