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Moving Forward in 2014

 Wow, this New Year is moving at a very fast pace. I am happy to be on top, of all I want to get done each day. I know several people who are falling behind. I have to admit I am making my days longer to get everything done. I don’t mind, I love my work and I know many are being helped.

 This year it will be important to prioritize your schedules and not be hard on yourself if you do not get everything done. The first and most important concession must be to stop, what is not in your best and highest interest. That could mean TV, nights out on the town, extra activities or classes, go to less social groups activities.

Then I hear, I don’t have time and I don’t do any extra activities. This can be a totally true, in the “two jobs” just to eat and pay your rent society. I then ask how we can work smarter rather than harder. If it takes two jobs to pay the bills it is time to look for better jobs and to figure out how to live more frugally. Possibly sharing your space with another is an idea. I have the space but I am resistant to that idea.  I don’t have any habits- drinking, smoking, or drugs, but if you do, cut them out.   

Making and living by a budget is very difficult. Did you know you are to be saving 10% of your income a week? I want to have a savings account; this is how you are to do it by saving 10%. The final 10 % of my income I have is used to buy food. I have not mastered saving money. I work too many hours and I am not saving any money. It however, is always on my mind because at my age of 54, I am thinking of retirement3CROSSES

Now in that vein I have no intentions of retiring from my working until old age.  I am at a point that materialism and non essential purchases are easily curbed. I don’t need tons of “things” to make me happy. I know what I find value in. I value making a difference for others. I value sharing love with others. I love good healthy food; I rarely eat out at restaurants. If I do, I try to make sure I get something I will enjoy. I do not supplement my food intake with McDonalds very often but I like their breakfast biscuit and if I am traveling I do get them. I save a lot of money by not eating out.

This life is about happiness it takes many people a long time to learn materialism does not make you happy. Good healthy family connections are the best thing anyone can ask to have. Most families are shattered and in disrepair. The choice to make correction is just that, a choice. If your family is so dysfunctional create a surrogate family, with real friends. I actually had to do this; because my family, who I love, is not healthy for me to be around. It does mean they are good or bad just not a match.

I think we get mismatched so we can learn what we do not like and rise above. It takes a serious effort to remove the “log from your eye” so don’t judge learn and know from your experiences – your truths. I myself am on a path and I intend to work smarter and I intend to have a saving account. I may have to eat less- lol

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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