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I love You

I Love You:

It is very difficult for men to say I love you. How silly is that thought but it is a true fact. I however, have never followed the norm. I taught my son not to be afraid of his true feelings and to say I love you. I taught him love, is the deepest form of respect from you to have for another person. I taught him there is romantic love and there is also,true love that can be shared,that is not romantic love. The fear around loving another person is very sad in my eyes.

We turn away and allow abuse of people, who feel and bleed just like us. Let us ask the question why?

Abuse occurs when lack of love is displayed. We have been conditioned to believe some people are better than others. To raise yourself up and proclaim superiority is a human nature struggle. In primitive times the best and strongest were most sought after. The boy brought up, this way was going to help his family and his extended family.   The male brought up to show no fear and hide emotion.

As we became more cultured, it was apparent that not only was a strong man needed, we also needed smart men, who could work hard and think smart. When the industrial revolution came into history it brought on the need to work less hard but to be educated. Still our young men and boys taught to be emotionless; To maintain the belief that our society was better and the strongest.

Now we are in the computer age, the body is now looked at as important for good health. Soon all war will be fought by drones and men and boys will not lose their life in combat. Yet separation and cultural differences infer we are separate and different, but the truth is; we are all just people. When our men and boys are not in fear of over domination. A new culture will arise one with true emotions.

Recently, I had an acquaintance experience illness. This is a grown man I never met. I have talked to this man several times in his professional capacity. He is slightly younger in age to me. His illness surprised him and everyone he knew, including me. I have always liked and admired his professional abilities. I say again, I never met this man. I was talking to him and my feeling of the deepest caring came forth and it was very difficult but I like blurted out that I love you. I did not mean I was romantically in love with him.

I have watched my son grow up and he is going to be 22 in May. I have seen him express many times “I love you to his male friends” My son is straight and his ease of expressing his true feelings seems amazing. It makes me proud that he has no fear of loving, his friends and expressing that.  It does not mean you’re romantically in love with that person. It is a deep affinity of true love. We all need to learn to love, as if we are all family and do not fear stigmatization, our world would be united -not separated-our world would appreciate each life and know it has value –all people would care. There would be no need to dominate and live in separation.

I love all people in the world! I don’t accept behavior that hurts another being. I honor each life and hope for a united world in peace. Look to your neighbor who seems different; do they not bleed, do they not love, do they not see, do they not eat, do they not cry, do they not die. I have twice ever told a man, I did not know, I loved them. I am proud to live God’s Word by example. It is hard to change but step by step we can make a difference.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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