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How Did I Get Here?


How Did I Get Here?


I write music, I have three copy written books of music. They are hour upon hours of inspiration of my life, my struggle, my faith, my hope. I always wanted to have fame. I started very young in third grade. I did an impersonation of an American called Tiny Tim, he was a very bazaar man who was on tv, he sang “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” and played a ukulele. He sported some success for a few years. I went on to do some acting in a local theater, In high school getting a most sought after part in the play “The king and I” I played Louis, who was Anna’s son.

The thing that most affected me was the “papergirl”. She delivered the newspaper everyday and became friends with my older sister. She could play the guitar and sing very well. She wrote her own music and also played music from the radio like John Denver. I so loved music at that point in my life. My family felt it was a very poor choice of a career. It would never pay the bills. They were basically right. I was soon led away from my fame dreams and into the work world reality.

I have done so many jobs in 52 years. Some professional like, 10 years with the Department of Social Services. When I was younger I worked two jobs at a time. I did everything from sheetrock, to a cleaning service. I drove a forklift and I ground paint off the side of a building. I never really liked any of that work. Always in the back of my mind wanting fame.


I wanted fame for most of the reasons, people want fame but I really wanted to be honored for my talent. I of course wanted the wealth it would have made life much easier. Most of my music is good. How did I ever get here?  It went something like this; I went to college to get educated to help people. Then I realized that social services do not really help people and became disillusioned. I never fit in any job.


I do love to help people. I kept writing my music as a hobby. I started volunteering at nursing homes and playing music for the elderly. I had many, many experiences. The old, just like the young want to hear music that they knew and liked. They wanted to hear their church music; not my spiritual music. I always compromised and gave them some of my music and some famous music.


When I was 45, I became certified as master gardener. I have always studied things that interested me. I wanted to grow plant and food to help people and feed my family. You can do a lot with an extra bushel of tomatoes. People love fresh vegetables, I would grow as much as I could and give away everything and people would always be asking for more. That is when I took up propagating plants.


Propagating is taking one plant and making many. A good propagator can make so many plants from a single plant. I have been driven to teach this. This will help any community grow their own food. I started with church communities. Every community needs community gardens. When these bio-genetic crops fail only the small gardens will be left.


 I have a deep love for God and becoming a licensed and ordained minister and starting a Non-Profit organization was the next step. Only God can provide the water and food for us to survive. His great hand allows the starving to eat dirt and survive.


He calls to us, one mission “Love as I have so loved you”.


We fail and do not love our neighbor as many go without. We need to build communities that do not bring harm to nature ( perma- cultures) and provide communities that grow food, and return to loving our neighbors.


I still dream of my music making me famous. Some people in the nursing homes ask if I am a star. I always say, I am just a child of God and he will always be my father. I know God; He placed me Here! I am to live by example, I Love and Share with you all. Thank You for allowing me.


Be Love Always


Rev Jay                                              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8zdvj4wxqg


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