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How Are You Being Fooled?

How are you being  fooled.

Our society is in an endangered position at this point in history.  The old ways of keeping the masses of population looking the other way, is coming to an end. People are waking up and they are choosing to unite against the ugly realities of the old ways. There is a heart awaking and a personal identity awaking happening.

In U.S. football there is a standard procedure of play, called the quarterback sneak. This procedure is used to cause confusion and fool players that do not keep their eyes on the ball. The distraction keeps everyone running one way, when the ball is actually being run in the opposite direction. I am afraid our world has been paying attention to everything but where the ball or the real game is being played.

When a game is played to many times eventually you will start to recognize the patterns and if you have been on the losing end of the game, you will eventually get tired of playing. However you can develop a set of new tactic to win.

When I grew up a family needed one job.  The father would go out and work just a simple 40 hour week and his family could live and get by. Today, I see families’ needing to work, mother, father, sister, brother.  The parents who both work at least 40 hours a week still cannot afford to provide everything for the families needs. What is so different now?

I am a home owner. I had at one time saved enough cash $ 17,000 dollars. I did not go out to clubs or movies or buy expensive clothes or shoes and on and on. I wanted to have the American dream to be a home owner.  I did a crazy amount of working; had two jobs approximately for 10 years, sometimes I was working three jobs.

I did buy a $70,000 dollars house- I put $8000.00 down  and $3000.00 for closing costs.  This is the breakdown of my monthly payment.  $531.97 a month. My payment changed this month April 1, 2014 it was previously 490.82. The big increase is because my homeowners insurance has increased – I have never made a claim against my home owners insurance. When I called to find out why? They informed me that I had not had a rate increase in the past five years.

That means that the bank – because my home owners insurance is escrowed with my mortgage payment, I have a shortage. This is because my insurance went from $42.32 a month approx $72.00 a month. I have made all my payments on time; all of it is escrowed so I have one payment a month.

I have been in this house for 7 years.

Principle $69.80- out of my $531.97 a month payment –the money- I borrowed only gets reduced by                       69.80 a month.(531.97 x 11 years-70,220.00) —-what I am paying is 531.97 x 23 years left=146,823.72 plus 8000.00 the 3000.00 =157,823.27 plus 7 years of 490.82 already paid = 199,052.15)( plus 30 years of maintenance not included lawn, paint, plumbing, fixtures, broken windows, sheds, deck repair, upgrades, etc ) all this for $ 62,000 dollars borrowed. I got the American dream. I of course will be paying $200,000.00 and 30 years of labor and maintainance.

Interest- $310.85 a month

Tax-county- $27.00 a month

PMI  insurance  $ 54.33 a month-  Since I did not put 20% of the total cost of my house down- I must pay for an extra insurance until the mortgage ratio is equal to the 20%. Remember that the mortgage is only being reduced by 69.80 a month.  That means I would have to make approx 100 payments before this insurance can be dropped or approx 8.3 years.

Mortgage insurance $42.32 a month

Shortage for insurance $27.38 a month

Payment effective 4-1-2014   $531.97 a month

What is wrong with this picture? You may see nothing wrong, but I do: it is the quarterback sneak –Why we cannot make ends meet – double paying on money and insuring money you are paying interest on.

A war on terror; with no visible enemy.

US dollars printed on whims.- printing of endless amounts of money

Fixed stock market  -fluctuations  driven by a single  word from the fed and money market drops

Appliance planned obsolescence –assured part breakage in certain- times from date of purchase with usage

Food packaging – used to deceive buyers – The standard  five pound bag of sugar is no longer the available standard; it comes now in four pounds, but the price is the same as the old five pound standard. A pound less of sugar, is a lot less sugar.

Insurance- the safety net to protect what you have worked, so hard for. Just don’t try to collect the full value, first pay a premium that only allows a prorated value back. Try replacing an insured lost – I phone for free

Utilities – absolutely necessary but are not affordable if you want to live comfortably.

Gas prices- price gouging near airports, so you pay top prices to returned a rental car with a full tank. ETC, need I say more.

Grass seed for your lawn $7.92 for a pound

I have concluded that our eye has been off the ball and we are blindly running the wrong way. I have tried to sell my house its value is depreciated; four homeowners on the street have foreclosed leaving my house depreciated in value, instead of more valuable.  They just walked away from their homes – I cannot reasonably bring myself to doing that.  I contemplate it all the time. To start over again at 54 makes me feel  crazy.

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