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I have times when “things” are not going right, as a minister that surprises people. I do not have a church of people, to teach and help give me a salary. I have done all my minister work, for free. I have been doing this work, for many years now. I paid for all my mission trips with my money. I did most of the work out of the goodness of my heart. I say most because sometimes, I don’t want to do, the hard work either or I question why.

When, I have the ability to help I do. I run short of money, just like everyone. While I save, I do smaller things, along the way to help people. I always seem to find ways to help others.

Why do I help people?  I do not help people thinking, it will get me into heaven. I do it out of love and to bring hope. I want people to know, that no matter how crazy or how bad life gets, there are people like me, who love them unconditionally. There are people who do not judge, like me, for we know- we have not walked in your shoes. There are people like me, who find value in all life and do find value in helping.

I have traveled to so many nursing homes and adult facilities, up and down the east coast. Some very lovely and some, I wish never to return to. I have seen some very sad sights- I return to these places and believe I make a difference. It is hard for me, to go to some of these places, but I return knowing -I may be the only one, who embarks on entering their lives, bringing the light of Christ through music and the joy of hope and love. I try to touch, a hand, a shoulder, a head, or the face, of every person- I meet, just in case it is the only touch, they felt in the last  year.

I see so much hunger, even here in the US, in the rural communities. I want to bring food to everyone. Children in third world countries are eating dirt, to ward off hunger. Imagine eating dirt- I have tried it.  Seed cost very little –Seed produces food- We must share the knowledge, with people and teach everyone, how to grow their food. We must teach how to propagate plants. We must provide Seed and teach the value, in growing food and saving the seed, for the next year’s growth.

I will always provide music for people in the world; I will always be helping the poor. I love them and wish to empower them, with irrigation techniques and water wells and small community garden programs. I always provide and give Seeds.  One garden can bring hope to a starving community. One garden can supplement a food supply for the hungry, in your community. One touch can show love. One song can bring happiness. One dollar can buy two packets of seed, sometimes more.

I have chosen this year, to do things on a larger scale than one.

I need Your support ,it will be felt around the world.

It is my promise to make a difference.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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