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Today I share a message of hope. My last blog was about complaining of injustices. I do not feel I conveyed the higher message. Yes, I will pay a mortgage for 30 years; but it does give me hope to one day find completion.  That is the message I should have brought forth.  Even when things seem wrong or not fair, there is always hope.

I’m hopeful for all humanity. I know there is hope for you to have a good life experience, no matter how bad it may seem right now. I travel and share many experiences with families and people who feel they have no families. I see hardship. I have lived through hardship.  That is why I know there is always hope.

It is in contrasts our greatest experiences and growth is found. I have had my share of growth experience. I have learned never to let people take my personal power, even when under attack.  A person never needs to participate in another persons drama or projections. When we choose  to experience others drama,projections,or discord, we can choose to learn from it. We can choose to experience it again or to never experience it again. You are only responsible for your actions, your responses, your choices.

As I was writing this blog I received a call from a friend, she helps students in crisis. I told her of the blog I was writing and theses are her words, as best as I can convey them. “She told me; no one ever wants to commit suicide. When individuals get to the point they are feeling suicidal they have misplaced all hope. They see no way to make changes and get caught in a belief their suffering will never end. The misplacement of hope only allows confusion and blocks seeing what is truth.  Life is always changing and no matter how brutal your life situation; there is always hope”.

I lived through an abusive upbringing and during some of my childhood I too, had lost or misplaced hope. I had to believe in myself to make things different. It took many years and I experienced much discord. I somehow turned it around, by learning what I do and do not want in my life.  I eliminated all that was not in my best and highest interest. Over the years I made hundreds of mistakes. I can say it worked, I changed all my life and I am happy 99% of the time.

It is with hope; that we can create change. I hope for a better world and I see things are changing slowly. I know God wills us his perfect happiness and gives us his unconditional love. I know hope that is based on truth, results in positive creations and not discord.

Find hope. Learn from and release discord. Create in hope. Trust that you are loved and supported, even when you can’t see it or feel it. Have hope, change is inevitable and always forth coming. Embrace what you create and stop creating what you do not want.

Be hope for a better world! (yours and ours)

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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