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The Holy Bible- Have You Read It ?

How do I bring forth the message of all Christ has done for us? In one word “Love”-Jesus out of love and choice gave us redemption for our sin. He and he alone stands as the savior of our troubled world. He gave his life in honor and love that we might live.  Through Jesus we can again be looked upon and connect with our divine father; free in Gods’ eyes of sin.

I can tell the story of Jesus, but I would fail to convey the truths of the bible. I have had so many people tell me they are not capable of reading the bible. It is a big book and the King James Version can cause the most well spoken, to stumble on some of the names mentioned In the bible. There is a solution, thanks to our vast growth in industry. Get the bible on cd and listen to it and follow along with your bible. There are video versions of ” The Holy Bible” the King James Version.

The excuse not to know the words of God are not valid. The choice to spend money on videos or cd’s in a family happens regularly in the Americas. The internet provides availability to the world to discover Gods’ words. I understand the impoverished making claim to availability. There is always some truth when spoken, Like governments banning import or export of religious materials.

http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/ here you can read the books of the bible “The Holy Bible” The King James Version”–  If you prefer to listen to the bible “The Holy Bible” the King James Version  just click on this link –http://www.audiobible.com/bible/genesis_1.html— lastly if you wish to have a visual experience click on this link http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/King-James-Bible-Videos/ here you can experience “The Holy Bible” The King James Version visually. Please Book Mark these sites and pass them on to those whom you love.

I love all the stories of “The Holy Bible” I have read them so many times. I am always finding inspiration and hope of Gods promises. I choose the King James Version of “The Holy Bible”  to teach from and read. I do at times teach from the “American Standard Bible”  to sometime help edify and clarify Gods word. I always reference which text I may be quoting from; to avoid any confusion.

How great is your relationship with God? How wonderful would it be; to be in harmony with God? How wonderful would your life be, if you walked knowing what is Gods’ will? These questions are easily answered, if you choose to live and know the Divine Love of Our Father; Choose to know and the gifts of God and his abundance are yours.

I offered these sites freely that you may know your father. The Creator God who has given you his breath into life. We his children are all loved by him and have purpose. You must choose to know God and educate yourself. Choose your path of study of Gods’ Word and learn at the speed you find peace. God only wishes you; to live in his Divine willed happiness.

Have the most blessed Easter:

Rev Jay


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