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Has This Year Been Going Fast For You?


Has this year been going fast for you?


It is now the month of July and we are half way through the year. Has it been as quick and as exciting as it has been for me? Have you manifested miracles or you been clearing out the old struggles, that have keep you down for years? I know many of us have been working hard to make our lives better. Some of us cannot escape the hardships we have chosen and created. Some of us just do not care to try anymore. I have been up and down the east coast of the USA. Doing my regular routine- these past months. I am always helping when and where I can.  This first half of the year I have manifested many miracles. I have helped people in so many ways, the Holy Spirit: he is my guide, teacher, my friend. He has led me to people who needed my assistance, many people I have helped for free. I brought true miracles into their lives and I have brought them help for change. The Holy Spirit has helped me manifest the money that allows me to do this mission work.  This year I have helped more people than ever before in my history of ministerial work.


This year time seems to be moving at an unprecedented speed. This is my second blog on “time” this year. I actually am late in writing this message, according to my schedule. The Lord has his schedule also and we always end up doing all in his perfect timing, I am sure this message, will get to all who are interested, on time.  I noticed the rate of speed that time is going at  is effecting people in many different ways. I myself have been adjusting. I have an important message for all who are reading this;  surrender! God is in control! The more you place your burdens and the things out of your control in his hands, the easier it will to be to move forward. The experiences that are causing you discord are experiences he allows for you; to assist you, to move loving into your heart. The more you operate from tranquility, love, and peace. The easier the movement through your challenging experiences will be.


This is hard to believe, I at times struggle with this too. On my east coast mission experiences, I have many challenges. I sometimes buy into the crisis but I quickly become centered and then I do what I am capable of doing.  I do not have a magic wand either. I can say if you release what is not in your control to God, he will do his job and make your efforts in to successes, that does not mean just give up and make no effort.  I realize sometimes prayer is all we have. I assure you your prayer is heard and answered in what is in your best and highest interest. Some times that means being evicted, for not paying your rent, a hard lesson but it won’t be forgotten easily again. Sometimes, it is a loss of a job, a broken car, Illness to slow you down or wake you up. Just because you don’t perceive the out come of your prayer, as you wanted, it does not mean you did not get what is in your best and highest interest.


People always are looking for the best way to connect to happiness, joy, peace, and tranquility. I am fifty three years old.  I have lived a life full of trauma in my youth; I have had my share of health issues. I lived in extreme poverty. I have experienced many of life’s’ luxuries. I understand that happiness is a choice. A bird locked in a cage will still sing.


To  truly have a great life there are some basic rules:

1) Be authentic – the more real and in touch with your true feelings you are, the easier to see discord and make changes.

2) Be love- the more you operate from your heart, the more the world around you responds positively.

3) Don’t believe you control everything- I assure you, there are many things not in your control; surrender and release what is beyond your control.

4) Always seek what is in your best and highest interest- allow  love to bring what is in your best and highest interest and you will have abundance beyond your best dreams.

5) Be in gratitude daily; there is so much to be thankful for daily.

6) Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul- allow God to do works through you; there is no greater love than love that is unconditionally given. Love as he so loves you.


Theses six simple steps will change your life and will effect everyone you know. If time seems to be speeding away, at least  you  choose to live in your best and highest interest and allowed love to manifest  a great life experience. I have true happiness, I have abundance, I live in joy, I love so deeply, God works through me. I am in gratitude daily. How much better can it get than this?


Be Love Always


Rev Jay                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         




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