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Happy Holidays


The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. There is an increased feeling of loved shared with in families (sometimes) and with friends. The holidays give us liberties that we don’t have at other times in the year. We are able to be more friendly to neighbors, who we don’t associate much, with the rest of the year. We participate in activities of outreach in the community, for people that we don’t think much, about the rest of the year. I think that is why the holidays are important.

I accept the importance of the religious significance; as very important. I do believe people who love their religion are religious all year. The holidays are when the non religious are awakened to different beliefs. The spirit of love is elevated, even if it is only on the commercial level. Consumer Consumption does help everyone directly or indirectly.

The holidays can be hard because it can be a time when you are not with your love ones. When you can’t buy or give all you wish to the people you love. It can make people feel more alone.

My son gets home for the holiday of Thanksgiving on Nov 20th. I will be so happy to have time with him and to share much love. I will however, have the emptiness of not having my daughter here to hug and hold.

I must convey to everyone, who is not with the people they love for the holidays physically; due to death, separation, business, health, finances, whatever reasons. We may be separated physically but we are never separate, in the divine oneness of God and creation. We never lose cords of love we share or have shared. The cords of love are woven into the fabric of time to live through out eternity. We may have forgotten past love that we have shared or rejected past love or destroyed on earth, love we once  had. In the divine oneness of Gods’ love, all love is remembered. All human failure is just nonexistent or found in the oneness of God perfection

That does not mean you don’t have feelings of separation, it only means if you connect with the cords of love you have shared, there is no separation. There is a connection of remembrance in the fabric of love, that lives and is available to you, and that truth may ease the saddest heart. I miss my daughter terribly but I hold her lovingly in my heart, for when we will be together physically again. I know, I shared love that will not be forgotten by me, with my daughter and I will celebrate throughout eternity for having shared that love. I hold that truth to ease the sadness of our separation.

Happy Holidays and enjoy. Share in love with everyone you can, it makes your life rich now and in heaven. Give generously to those who have not and need reminding they are not alone. Embrace the holidays on the deepest spiritual level with the sharing of your love.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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