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Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

I read a lot of articles, news, etc. I want to say I feel a bit attacked by miss information. I keep reading that the holidays are stressful, unpleasant, difficult, etc.  Just reading that can create a mindset and then an experience you don’t want to have.

The holidays are here let’s bring forth the truth. If you want to have a happy holiday – choose to be the happiness. Bring your laughter, bring your love, bring stories of kind acts forward, and bring remembrance of something happy. It is a choice to be happy.

When you have dread or despair you create more of it. No one has a perfect family. Only allow what honors you to affect you. I have a brother who insults everyone, including me, our mother, his wife, no one escapes his attacks and he thinks it is funny. I don’t like insults and it honors no one. How do you ignore such behavior? It is very simple you consider the source. Some people will never change.

When you meet ugly natured people you have to consider the source and send them love and know God is using them as an example of how not to be. You do not have to buy into anyone’s ugliness. Knowing yourself is the best way to avoid anyone projecting their ugliness, stress,or holiday woes on you.

There are a group of people who have lost, a love one during the holidays. That is difficult. There is a statistical anomaly that occurs during the holidays and the death rates increase. It doesn’t make it any easier but you are not alone. Make it your mission to help others through their grief and help yourself at the same time. When you help others, it helps you. The value of sharing is under estimated, create a support group and learn how to help others and heal yourself. Learn to return to happiness for the holidays, the deceased are not honored if you remain in grief and refuse to choose happiness again.

The choice for happiness is yours. It is hard at times to remember what brings us happiness. Sometimes Just trying to think of what makes us happy, will help you find happiness again. Try shifting to memories, like games played as a child, memories of a trip, new shoes, great food, there are trillions of things that can take you from the negative or low sad thoughts, to high joyous thoughts.

If you go into your heart and can’t remember not one happy thing. Do something nice for someone that is less fortunate and see how you feel after that. I have been where, I did not have money and I was still able to do something nice. I volunteered at a soup kitchen and saw that I  was not as bad off as others and it made me realize, I can help and I can be happy knowing I helped someone.    

The holidays are the most loving time of the year; it gives people a chance to be nice. You can choose to share your love, your happiness, your wisdom, your message. It need not cost money to help or to obtain happiness. The memories of helping someone create memories of happiness. So choose to be happy if not for yourself; do it for others and let happiness flow into your life. 

Never allow words or actions that do not honor you; affect you.  The best way to overcome other people who are ugly, is to love yourself first and know your truths. You are Gods’ Child, his creation. He Loves You, His will is that you have Divine Perfect Happiness.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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