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Good News

In a time when only negative is being reported in the news. In a time when our government lies directly to its citizens. In a time when industries and banks are controlling our government. In a time when we hear of war every day. In a time when news stations reports are not trustworthy. It is easy to feel despair.

I wish to share the truth with you and the good news. In today’s world, the fewest number of people in recorded history are dying at the hands,of another man. Yes, it is true more people are dying of natural causes than by death from governments, dictatorships, war, etc.  We are “historically” in one of the most non-violent times on earth.  Has this news been reported?

Oh, there is better news. We are the closest historically to ending world hunger than ever before. The least amount of people are dying from starvation than ever before in recorded history. We are changing and it is indeed, for the best. Yet this truth is not being shared.

Let us celebrate the truth; we have become the most advanced medically capable society in all history. We have reduced physical suffering from heart disease, child birth, limb amputation, death, etc.  The human life expectancy has increase by 72% from just 60 years ago.

Let us celebrate that we are now the most advanced educated world in all history. The level of has education has moved forward in leaps and bounds. When we educate we move people in to lives that are indeed easier. We are historically the most connected world in recorded history.

We have the largest telex-commutations operations incorporated than any other civilizations. The introduction of the internet has connected people instantaneously from around the world. Satellite, cell phones and Gps  systems, allowing every part of our world to be connected.

We are the the most mobile civilization in recorded history. We have made advancements in mass and public transportation allowing people more access to the whole world. The ease one can cross, even an ocean with,would amaze people from 60 yrs ago. China’s rocket train, has been breaking all speed records in public transportation

Let us be proud of the advancement we have made in space knowledge and exploration. We are historically the most advanced civilization in every aspect of space exploration and knowledge in earth’s recorded history.

I believe when enough people transform their level of awareness, a miracle can happen and the rest of humanity suddenly understands what the visionary’s could see all along. When we start seeing the positive in our world we will start living in the gifts God has shared, joy, love, caring, hope, tranquility etc.  

We will be in gratitude of each other and our individual uniqueness as  people and neighbors. Everyone interested in having a heaven on earth. WE ARE CLOSE! Our world is shifting and we are very close to awaking, love deeply everyday and tell others of the good news. We may not always be able to see the differences we are making; but we are making a difference.

Be Perfect love Always

Rev James

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