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Good News: everything is as God plans it. You can take the high road that God sets forth for you or you can take the low road. That is the most beautiful gift that God affords us, choice. In every experience the difficulties you choose are yours, or the freedom of happiness is yours.  The ability to see love and maintain joy, peace, and happiness despite hardship or difficulties, is the difference between people who are enlightened and people who are not.

When you walk the streets of a third world country and see poverty, your hearts cries out to help and you see the lack. When children from any third world country or any modern advanced country play. They both have joy. Fun activities help us not to be absorbed into false truths. Life can be happy even if you have lack. When loved is shared in third world countries. It is love. The same is true with joy, laughter, smiles, peace, beauty, hope, dreams.   

The ability to have the correct emotions in every situation is a choice. Whether your choice is high God vibration like joy, happiness, peace, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, hope, prayer or low ego energy choices like: anger, bitterness, sorrow, depression, hatred, etc. They both result in an experience. I can assure you; even in the worst situation perception from choice can result in different outcomes. 

Experience life as the creator of all your experience and all your choices can result in heaven on earth. Faith is a very hard to lean from experience. I have seen things and experienced things that would make you question Gods’ existence. It was when I let go of the experience, I could see God. It may be as basic as a thought I am alive for another day or to look back and see you got to live through that experience.  A flat tire may be the experience needed to meet the man or woman of your dreams. The tire caused you  to stop and be in the right now and in that moment you get to choose to be suffering in the mire or think higher.

Yes ; situations are difficult and sometimes seeing the higher choice takes a lot of looking and sometimes it is not till years later, that revelation is reached. Teaching love to all, seeing love in all, proving love to all, is the road to the best life you can have. Laughing at hardship is winning, crying at hardship is releasing, not letting go of hardships is harboring, accepting your just human is inevitable, forgiving yourself and other is salvation, all is experience and choice. Live in the present and build the future, for what you do now can change the future; the past can only provide insight on what you have experienced.  

Be Love Always

Rev Jayholy-spirit

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