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God Loves You!



God loves you!

 God loves you!  He is guiding us through, the most troubled times on earth and offers you salvation.  That is right salvation, here on earth. I at this time do not have a congregation, in a church. I still have words flowing, through me and out of me, that I long to share, so God’s message is heard.

I stand at the pulpit and address the world I so love. I did a radio show last night and I got to convey my messages of love and concern for the world. I wish in some ways I expressed better, how I am helping not just in the United States, but around the world.  The show went very well.

I wish I had said:  Today, everyone on earth stands in a doorway, walk through do not stand and be in denial of your salvation. Salvation must be found in your heart and mind; you are your worst crucifier. Self- judgment the punisher.

The Gift of atonement and in forgiveness, are the keys to salvation. The atonement is the ending of fear; (the fear of love, the fear of death, the fear of sin)-freedom gifted by the resurrection, of our Lord Jesus; The Redeemer.

ALL SIN; was Promised PURGED by The Divine Heavenly Creator Father, thought the sacrifice of his almighty beloved son, for all peoples’ redemption.

The truth and understanding of what I conveyed above, allows you the truth to love yourself through forgiveness.

 Only, God can breathe, the breath of life; without that breath, no one would exist. We are all of God’s creation, of God his perfection, and entitled to God’s unlimited abundance. God is the Creator and Jesus is the Redeemer, who made atonement for all.   

Anchor your heart in love; bring in the light of Christ, into your heart, into your body, into your soul.

Free yourself from the illusions of ego. (Fear of love, death or sin). Forgive yourself of all your transgression- A transgression is everything, not of love towards others, not of love for you, or not of love for God. Then never walk that way again.

Live in the salvation available.  God Loves You!

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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