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God and 12-21-2012 and My Holiday Gift:

I have heard many things about the 12/21/2012. I hope most of what I have heard is true. The awaking to a new vibrational energy of harmony, peace and love.

Most years, I hear about Christmas at this time of year. This year I hear of the Golden age and the ending of the Mayan calendar  The end of a light year, which is the end of 104,000 earth years or four 26,000 earth year cycles. Let us embrace truth. There is no fear with divine love.

When you dwell in low energy activities, you have low energy experiences, low energy meaning hate, greed, un-honored sex, polluting your body or violence, etc. On the other hand if you dwell in high energy experiences, you have exceptional experiences that are woven into the fabric of time forever. High energy experiences are love, compassion, harmony, peace, tranquility, joy, etc.

God asks everyone to convey to everyone “love”. See love in each other, be love for each other, and teach love to each other. Help all who have turned from love; to cancel the low energy thoughts and activities and return and reunite with the love that awaits their return. It is a choice.

A hard concept- I teach is when you do not honor, value or respect- all you are, in all you say and all you do- you do not honor, love or respect God. God does not make mistakes.  You are his seed, his creation and though you- his love, is honored and respected or not. Your body is the temple of the life he shares with you and you alone, your mind is the way to relationship with him and your soul is tethered in your behavior. If you slip, make a correction; cancel a bad thought, change wrong behavior (just stop) and seek not to repeat mistakes. Forgive yourself and release the seed source from your soul and forgive your trespassers. Just Honor, love and respect who you are.

My Holiday Gift to you is; I share with every soul on earth through intention: My love and my wishes for you to know and experience “Divine Love”. I give openly the spirit of joy, happiness, and peace, to every soul on earth through intention. I give financial abundance, to every soul on earth through intention. I give perfect health, to every soul on earth through intention. I give enlightenment to your inner soul and ask that you know God through intention.

I hope everyone celebrates in the sharing of my gifts, for the holidays. All you have to do is open your heart and receive.  Happy Holidays!!

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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