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Life should be fun!

I lived most of my life having fun. There have been times when life wasn’t fun (most of my childhood). The times that make my heart sing are, when I am happy and I am just having fun. 

What is fun? It is different for many people, I sometimes just have fun playing my music and having the window open and knowing the universe is hearing it. I have fun a lot around food. I love to make food with the intention of sharing my love with all who may eat it. I usually get told I make the best food. I know the ingredients of love and intention makes a difference. Try this; using the intention “this is going to be food that brings fun into my house hold” Be surprised when you are enjoying making the food. You will enjoy serving it and you will enjoy the love that comes back to you in accolades.

I love so many things that is why fun comes easy for me. I had a bad childhood and so I am a grown up big kid who is always playing. I love creating, manifesting, dreaming, singing, swimming, dancing. I love just to talk about the deep life messages. I love helping other, touching the elderly hands in the nursing home, I love hard work too (not always when I am doing it, almost always when it is done), I love gardening, reading and writing. I love to draw and I just love I am alive.  

The reason I have so much fun is I choose to care from the right place.  Hard work is hard work but coming from the right place it is rewarding. It does not make any difference if you’re a mechanic or an oil well driller, a bartender, nurse, every job has an element of difficulty and if you give your effort through love, watch the joy.

I drove a forklift, I worked in a factory, I worked for social services, I did sheet rocking, painting, house renovations, carpentry, cooking, ministry, music, all professionally.  Non professionally I have done car mechanic, gardening, forestry, raised two children, I have loved many woman and many people, I have written poetry and I have shared others pain. I did skydiving , zip lining, hiking, camping, etc.  

The richness of life is in the living. Try the mindset that life is just a game; to have fun at, no matter where you’re at or what you do.  I have heard so many people say they do not know what makes them happy. I always just try something and if I feel alive and enjoy it, I know it makes me happy. I love to hang sheet rock and I love to be the finisher. I love to try to make the seams look flawless. It is the hardest darn work you can do. All the dust and hanging sheetrock on ceilings is murder on the neck, back, arms, throat and lungs.  When you’re done – wow transformation of your accomplishment, joy and many other emotions come forward.  It is all about how you choose to see what you are doing.

Hug a tree and see how that feels- I have tried it, I felt stupid but some people feel energy from a tree. I love trees and working in the forest there is special energy there. I have cleared my forest to make the canopy be healthier and I loved doing it. The work was hard work and took a long time, chain sawing, tree removal, brush removal, wasps, uneven ground, and tree stump removal. I know when I was done I was happy. I know the love I put in that forest, will help the forest for many years. I am just trying to show you anyone can find joy and fun even in the hardest work. The fun-est of fun is when you do what makes your heat sing. I can validate, I do things that make my heart sing, I give love, passion, and creation, my very best and wow it can bring tears to my eyes of joy.   

I have tried many things; somethings that have I tried I did enjoy and had lots of fun.  Somethings I did were fun but  I won’t ever do it again. I tried skydiving. The adventure and emotions were fun and even coming back to earth was fun but not the kind of fun I would repeat. My son on the other hand, got hooked and loves it. I like the quite walking in the forest or planting something I know will grow. Letting my dog run after rabbits in the forest.  Sitting and seeing the sun set, performing a musical concert. If you get one thing from today’s blog choose to have fun and do what makes you happy and if you do not know what is fun or what makes you happy try doing something you have never done.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay


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