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Fear and Control

Fear and Control:

Fear and control go hand in hand. When someone has a fear, be it apparent or sub-conscious it results in a need to or for control. A way to understand this is as with a phobia. An example is with a fear of spiders and a need never to see one. However, when we look more closely at life and people who control- we can see these people in every part of our lives.

Men controlling ones wife in fear she might leave. Governments trying to control in fear of chaos. People living fearful of a world ending according to revelations. Churches who are condemning one to sin for profit. People creating inflated prices based on supply and demand. Stock and bond trading. Etc

Who has the control is the one who creates the fear. The boss in a job. The unique thing is this is just an illusion people have made for lifetimes. People were free in the bible yet they called to have a king; someone they could see and believe had control. The bible teaches that in man, place not your faith. Kings get conquered. Rich men fall. Brave men die.

God did not intend for us to believe there is lack. The birds do not fear not being fed. The trees do not fear lack of earth to grow in. God has a warehouse of abundance. God does not want you to live in fear of the end of days. God wants you to love and live in faith. Carry your cross in faith and all will be provided. Each life is to be lived full of experience and enlightenment or revelation. Life is to learn, how great and wonderful life can be, when walking in his grace and using faith to guide in moments of uncertainty or in experiencing the new.

I went skydiving it was fearful till I was free falling. I don’t try to control things. I give all control to God he does not fail man. People who are in control learn that all will face God. Even in the bible some angles tried to rise up and be equal and control, only to be cast from heaven. The people who want to control, wage fear to gain power. We as people can choose faith or fear. We all die; some with the faith as small as a mustard seed rise to be in the grace of God.

Life has changed so radically in the last 100 years. Cars are now made out of plastic. Plumbing and electricity have brought comforts, are fore fathers and mothers wished for. I believe free energy will be discovered and utilized. I believe we will end world hunger. I believe we will realize we are all human. I believe  one day, we will be interested in each of our individual qualities and can end all war. The end of fear and control can be birthed in faith.

I watched a bit on tv about a program called glee. They used a term “Gleeks” it is a powerful program in that it allows uniqueness to shine and removes fear from being different. The reason this is so powerful is 700 billion of us on earth, are people and each one of us, is totally unique. Each person gifted the breath of God and granted purpose to experience life.

 We are meant to enjoy life- friends, family, neighbors, communities and as a world. Have faith- trust in God to control, give him your fear and see the difference in your joy level. I am living proof that this choice works. I seek experiences, I allow outcomes and I celebrate when my faith proves triumphant. I correct error and learn from unpleasant experiences. I do not fear death, I instead celebrate my faith. 

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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