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Facing Adversity

This is a message about facing adversity. I have taught it many times.. I have failed like many humans to be or remain in that angelic state of peace; while I was experiencing adversity. I can only say it is so much easier to teach. I guess when you experience adversity; the sign of a truly enlightened person is not just the immediate reaction but how quickly you return to the state of grounded balance.

I am still reeling from a mountain of unexpected events. I made a cross country trip and there was so much chaos associated with it. Needless to say nothing on this trip went correctly.  I could easily blame myself.  I would like to educate you first that to place blame anywhere is fruitless.  It matters not who or why, it only matters to get an acceptable resolution and end the immediate adversity in the monument.

The true challenge is to step back and make a new choice to proceed.  When you bring charged energy to a situation, the situation will escalate in response to the type of energy you are feeding it. Trying to clarify why or by whom- clouds the process of resolution. The resolution becomes apparent in the letting go and seeking a resolution.  When you wish to place blame; energy is diverted away from the possible resolution. Things happen. (Your fault, their fault, God’s fault, the dog’s fault or “why, why, why” diverts energy to the wrong questions)

In the letting go and knowing that things happen, you can focus on the resolution with a positive energy movement.  How quickly you can ground or become centered becomes vital. The next step is to know or identify how you can come to an acceptable solution. That does not mean you get what you want. Acceptable means in your ability to agree to choose at this moment a resolution you can live with. It then becomes very important to let go of any other energy you may be harboring.

I went online and found a motel 6 it had a four star rating, it was on the direct driving route.  I arrived at midnight after driving 15 hours to Fort Worth, Texas. I faced a choice to leave a paid for room or face my fear get into the room and get as much needed rest as possible.  Upon arriving I was sure there was possible danger. Going to my room people were smoking pot or crack.  There was a possible prostuition ring working out of the back side of the Motel. Finally getting into the room despite much perfume or cleaning fragrance the room reeked of pot. I had my son with me and we keep our clothes on and slept on top of the covers.

I could have left and drove on to somewhere- but I did not have the ability to drive another mile, I over extended the length of time I already had driven. I could have blamed myself or the rating on the internet. I removed myself from my son’s distress and my inability to travel any further. We slept a few hours, enough to be functional. Accepting was not getting what I wanted- my refund. In order to get the refund I would have had to cancel earlier that day.

The situation could have been much worse.  I knew I was protected by angles. I surround the car with angles. It was very hard to let go but when I did I fell asleep despite the pot smells, etc.

I am again in a place that I am grounded.  I have new choices now. I can possibly fight the credit card charge among other actions. I will seek what is in my best and highest interest.  Accepting allowed forward movement and now new choices can be made.  The situation is no longer negatively charged and by grace I will work to get a new resolution with another accepting of choice.

The first step: is to step back and let go of all miss directed energy. You then ground and center. Then accept what you can or have too. Walking away is an acceptance if there is no resolution at that time. Choose what you can for the moment, there is always more choice once you resolved the immediate dilemma and are removed from it. Lastly try to return to a place of happiness, peace and calm.

Not buying into adversity at all is the most enlightened experience. If you are brought into adversity become grounded and return to that enlightened state of joy as quickly as possible and let go.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James  

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