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God moves us every day to do our best. We do experience ease,when we take the high road and we do not get caught in the mire.Then there is that second road and it is so tempting to go down. Let’s discuss the second road. It appears the second road is always the first choice.

We can observe others taking the second road, easier than in ourselves. Test this theory; see how when difficult situations arise a person reacts. It is easier to seek to understand behavior by watching others first. You then can assess your ability to escape the illusions you create.  I say illusion because reaction to situations are just- that- a choice.

You just spilled a cup of coffee and part of it landed on your work clothes. You at that moment may ruin the rest of the day or choose the higher road. It is the choice that creates the illusion, you buy into. Most people buy into the lower choice of anger, misery, self loathing. We have been conditioned to act and have those behaviors. 

We run programs; this can only happen to me, I am such a klutz, this is all I need to make this the worst day in my life, etc. These programs start when you’re very young and shape us throughout our whole life. The good news is once we start recognizing they exist, we can stop participating in them.

I was just like everyone and utilized these false perceptions and when I stopped my life changed. I now look at every experience as meant to happen. I no longer go to good and bad and only me. It is a hard habit to break. The difference in your happiness level will change so drastically. Practicing ending the illusions will allow you, at times to live in bliss. 

If you choose “experience” over good, bad, right, and wrong -life brings a new level to living. Despite our best effort, things do not turn out how we plan them. Mistakes are made. Our judgment resulted in a less desirable outcome. Let us not forget the totally uncontrollable misfortunes. Sometimes stuff just happens. Yes, they are all experience and we choose how we buy into them. 

A common problem is relationship. I hear people say I just attract the wrong person every time. When you have the mindset that you only can attract the wrong person you do. Stop creating realities you do not want.

When you shift to understand that the relational experience is not one, I ever want again and I am not going to allow that again.  You start claiming a new reality.

You must also look at why that experience happened. Admit you are a contributor to all your experiences. Admit how you failed or succeeded to make things better or worse.  An example:  He was always drunk. Did you meet his at a bar? Did you drink with him? Did you buy stuff for him to drink because you knew that was what he liked? Did you allow the behavior? Did you enter the relationship too fast?

When you start to examine, why you experience what you do, then you can make changes. You may not have a drinking problem; you were being nice getting him alcohol. His behavior was ok at first, but when you got to know him it was not acceptable. I allow bad behavior because I love him.

When you choose an experience that is one thing. Many of us are thrown into situations, not of our making. Like a death of a loved one. I believe the people who grieve the loss of a loved one, for an unusual long time actually do a disrespect to your deceased loved one. Ending grief is not forgetting the person.

If you were truly loved and had the best and most beautiful relationship and one of you pass. Would the deceased one want you to grieve and forfeit happiness, for the rest of your human life?

When someone was truly happy and the relationship was the greatest –You do grieve the loss, you will never ever forget the love- Love carries on throughout eternity, but you honor the loss by living again.

If you cannot find life after a loss of a loved one, you do not honor that memory. You hold it responsible for your grief. You have a choice every day after that loss, to live and experience what God brings into your life. You still have the memories and they make you strong, knowing your deceased if alive, would do everything in their power to make you happy again. This includes loss of a child.

I seriously understand grief and loss and I am not making trite of peoples loss in surmising it in what might appear a callus way. Life is a responsibility to live. The experiences are meant to bring us closer to God and to bring us wisdom, that we are worthy. 

You are God’s child and his love and strength are a prayer away. The experiences we choose are sometimes very difficult. It is our responsibility to learn and grow and repeat the experiences we like. The experiences we do not like, it is our responsibility to learn and grow and not repeat because we have learned the lesson.

The loss we have to experience is truly loss and as creators, we are to create new values from the experiences. If we choose the higher values the more joyous the experience. If we choose the lower the values, the more difficult the experiences.

I ask everyday you to examine the experiences you are having and if they are what you want; then repeat them you are creating what you want.

If they are not what you want, step out of the dance and choose a different choice and create what you want. We get fearful and that is the illusion- we can choose to change, even if it might be perceived difficult at first.

God is always there and as you choose, he supports your growth with more experience.  We get to choose to honor ourselves in any experience and allow happiness or to deny ourselves happiness in any experience.  The only responsibility we have is to live and experience and gain wisdom, all the rest is choice.

Choose happiness, choose to honor yourself, choose I am worthy, choose to believe the truth, I am Gods child worthy of happiness and all his glorious abundance. Look at every experience and find the higher meaning, take the higher road. Choose to live and be happy!

Be Love Always

Rev Jay





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