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Enviornmental-Life- Ministries We Have Been Federally Approved As A Nonprofit Organization



It has been an arduous struggle but Environmental Life Ministries has been approved as a Non Profit Organization. The process started in 2011 and the verification of approval came in March of 2014. E.L.M. did actually seek a “church nonprofit status” but with the lengthy process interest waned and struggle fell upon us.  

There are just slight variances in the different status of a church nonprofit and a nonprofit organization. We believe the recognition as a Nonprofit Organization is a wonderful achievement. We can always change our status upon our abilities to document regular in person church attendance.  I have to thank all the followers and board members for attending, all the meetings, even when it appeared we were not getting the federal exemption.  We Overcame and can declare now E.L.M is a Federally approved Nonprofit Organization and all donations are now tax exempt contributions.

We feel we can move forward now in building our visions. We have so longed to help in communities at levels that were unavailable until now. We had a launch celebration on 4-29-2014. All were welcomed and the attendance for me was extremely joyous. I feel honored, loved and to be so supported after such a long process.

It is so exciting to be on the creation journey again. Every seed planted, every life helped, raises the hope for a better world. I am eager to start with the Board of Director outlining our new direction. I kind of feel like a child in a candy store and I want to have all the candy.  I want to start everything we had developed at the onset of this venture, all at once. I am sure we will instead move forward on sound footing and implementing programs that will be sustainable and beneficial to the communities, churches and other organizations we are working with and for.

In this time of world instability there are people who are on a true path for a world living in harmony. E.L.M intends to be a path blazer.  We shall help in supplementing community and the world food supply. We shall educate in techniques to grow locally to provide water irrigation and supplementation programs.

Where two or more are gather in love, God is present and his unending grace is for everyone to experience.  Learn how to get involved contact us through this site to volunteer.  Make donations, be part of something, that is how you make a difference.

E.L.M is not going to abandon its current free service. We are just going to expand to help more.

Be Perfect Love Always,

Reverend James Jay Ellis

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