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Welcome, our  eager enthusiast.

I am in Daytona Beach Florida. ELM  has leaglly relocated here to start and attempt to standardize the growing of vegetables more economically and more productively.  ELM has made great strides in the movement to bring vertical farming to the USA. This advance technique is all ready successful in other countries. The optimal production technique demonstrated and fully functional in Singapore.


ELM needing 1.75 million dollars has embarked on a road to generate fluid income through the opening of a thrift store. This is a pretty expansive project but we are making head way and I am happy to share some of our successes.

  • We are working with many organizations and have followed protocol and the largest part  has been finished, the completion and submission of our business plan. 32000 sq ft business facility or thrift store.
  • We encountered many people who were disingenuenion ; however good their intentions seemed, on the surface. Again, I get to herald that the operation is moving forward. We have cleared away the dysfunction, and ended association with self -serving opportunist.
  • We at ELM are proud to operate for the betterment of mankind, the food we shall produce from one  -5 acre farm can exceed 240 tons of vegetables on an annual bases.
  • Florida has an optimal growing season and we shall make full use of it. Fact: Florida’s history was, the number one grower and distributor of the white radish. Current removed from agricultural growth farming for lack of income ratio growth. Florida went from (92% supplier to .66 %  supplier in the world) ELM will bring back fresh growth vegetables and the white radish
  • Florida has had an increasing decline in food production, due to many factors, population growth, water supply, chemical application, governmental restrictions. In the past 16 years seeing a 20% decline in overall food production. This production is necessary for the northern states winter food supply.
  • ELM is happy that we are on the for front of a new revolution of organic food production. Vertical farming is the most cost effective and production effective method currently operating.
  • Thanks to my team, who see the end result, we are very close to a store opening operation. While it takes time to do things this way. We hope to replicate the same procedure in your city next.
  • Please remember all donations help. Even a dollar can buy seeds. 1.75 million and we can get a vertical farm up and running near you; with space for operational growth expansion (twelve acre minimal land purchase, five acre ground first facility)

ELM feeding locally first: 

Be perfect love always!

Rev James

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