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Do You Fear God?

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Do You Fear God?

I hope you can say No! My God is a God of love and only love.  

On our earth we see tragedy, we see unfairness, we see hurt, we see pain, we see corruption, we see discrimination, we hunger, we see poverty, we see war, we see disease. We wonder how God lets this exist. We are asking the wrong question; the question really is how do we let all this exist. We put trust in people who fail. We turn a blind eye. We pretend not to care or really don’t care.

How do we explain, how we allow our justice system to be unfair and corrupt? How do we explain how we allow our government to pass laws, based on buying power? How do we explain having war after war and conflict after conflict. How do we allow police to be as corrupt as criminals?  How do we allow people to starve? How do we allow treatable disease to go untreated?

I usually hear how does God allow all this.

When a child is created out of love from loving parents; the parents want nothing to hurt, harm, scare, etc, their child. When God gave you the breath of life do you think he willed you discord, grief and unhappiness, fear, etc?  Do you believe a father would want all he loves to suffer, all he created to be hurt and destroyed. I think not.

I look at what God creates and humans by far have evolved. The human can have a great capacity to love, share, heal, help, hope, dream, and create harmony like God. The human also has the power to destroy. It sometimes takes great tragedy for people to awake from the slumber of not caring.  Police still abuse their power despite Rodney King. However Rodney did bring to the world’s attention, police brutality. There are still many Rodney King, type of abuses occurring. When the populace gets tired enough, they will act out again to end police abuse.

The need for heroes like from 9/11, are important to bring enlightenment and restore sanity to the most heinous acts against humanity. Too many in our lives never get any recognition, like all who die in war. A true hero can be a mother and /or a father. Funny, I never hear of a mother or a father waging war against another country. You may hear a mother or a father wanting justice, for crimes against their child or family. So why do we have wars? People in power wanting more power more control over the natural resources.

A country or population is comprised of one thing—people—people who want to be separate from other people. It has occurred throughout all time. I don’t remember reading in the bible anywhere. That God said separate people, have conflicting ideas and the strong should prevail.  I think the only commandments that Jesus actually gave were two: 

 “Master, which is the great commandment in the law?37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.38 This is the first and greatest commandment.39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”


It is important that Jesus did not say separate into religions, make countries, to show invisible lines of separation. Make a money system to keep people enslaved. Give company’s the rights like, Monsanto to own all of the seeds and patents to control our food supply. I can go on and on.

What I see from my God is me; a neighbor sharing, caring and helping each other. My God is so great he can help his children who are starving eat dirt and survive; because their neighbors won’t help, don’t care, etc. My God brings water to feed his trees and food to feed his people, and he gifts food for his birds. My God fills oceans for his fish. I know my God loves me every time I share love. He rewards me with inner contentment, he provides me with more and more abundance, to help more, and share more, and care more. My God unites neighbors and ends separation.

What are you telling yourself about what you are doing or allowing. This applies to every person in the world. Stop killing a neighbor’s child. Try sharing anything, food, a smile, anything to start with. Replace a negative thought with a positive one. Learn the truth we are all people. The bible quote is “love the lord your God” the most important words are —-love thy/your—-.  God alone is the judge of your love for him and others.

He has gifted you a way to always be in his grace, despite failure; through the sacred blood of his son Jesus.  Be ever in gratitude and forgiveness; we all fail we are just humans. Repent and move towards his grace again-operate out of love always. There is never a need to fear God’s Love or God he made you and loves you. If you have fear, stop doing what your heart tells you is wrong.

Be Love Always!

Rev Jay

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