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Changing the World: 


I have for a good part of my life had plenty of time. Time for the family, time for friends, time for work, time for fun, time for my music, time to exercise, time to volunteer. I ask myself, how could now be different? Why am I not ending my days till the wee hours of the next day? I am not doing much more than I have done before. I just seem to keep running out of time and I am good at my time management.

The amount of work I do now is just slightly more, than I have done in the past. I am getting all my work done.  My “me” time seems to-not be available until about 10:30 pm. That is when I may take personal calls or I may play the piano. I usually find it to be too late to exercise. I don’t get any tv time.

The funny thing is I use to raise two children. I had time for them and their homework and swimming and basketball, etc.  I look back and don’t know how, I ever did everything. I am glad my children are grown and mostly independent. I miss some of the fun times and hugging and reading books at bedtime. I miss some of the family dinners. I guess I am what people refer to as an empty nester. 

I still feel very young and I still have great unfilled dreams for me and to help the world. I feel it is more important than ever to spread the word: to love thy neighbor and live as an example. I have this year slowed my volunteer concerts schedule. I have written less blogs and I have cut back on my music creation time and I still feel short of time.

I guess I am wondering, if I am actually going to change this world?

The one thing I have gained with my life experience is knowledge. To really change the world; the work is done, one person at a time. If I help one person a day that is 365 people a year and if each one pays it forward- it doubles, then it can triple, etc. I think I need to look at time differently. I need to believe all the time I need, I have. I just have to believe God sees all I am doing each day as a great job, or a job well done. I hope when you read this- you will be kind enough to yourself to agree- you are doing your best and you have made it this far. We all could have done something’s differently or over again, if we had more time.

When you’re young it seems time is endless,when your middle aged time become fleeting, and when you’re old time is precious. One important realization is to enjoy all the time you have. If you enjoy work, then work hard. If you enjoy music, listen regularly. If you enjoy kindness be sure to share it. Your time is limited on earth but through Jesus your time is unlimited.

Be love to everyone and you will always be walking in God’s grace.Spend your time in honoring God in being a happy and productive person. Create your happiness by doing good deeds, helping, sharing, laughing, singing, cooking, reading, running, swimming, and gardening and honor your family by being happy and healthy and productive. God also said to be still. Meditate and know he is God. If you need more time, pray on it by asking in Jesus’ name and be assured God will answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


 Be Love Always


Rev Jay








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