Welcome To Environmental Life Ministries

Finding Clarity

I really think, one day- I will like writing blogs. It gives me a chance, to think and convey information in a different format, than I am use to. Once it is written, it is permanent, till I try to correct it and fix the spelling, make real sentences-(I try)  Writing helps to create clarity. Clarity is the divine gift of knowing clearly. I like clarity, it allows for ease of flow. There is no need
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God Through Me

Here I am again, I thought today was going to be, less filled with ministry work. I should have known better. I realized today, I have to do two more blogs and  three short posts , etc. I am not complaining at all- I am just wondering, what I am to blog on. I read a few blogs a week and I am always amazed at how much is said and how well it is said. I want people to feel that way, when reading my
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Welcome To Our Blog

Today, I arrive, on the threshold, of a new adventure- writing “Blogs”- I understand how important these messages can be. I understand that to convey, “The right message”, may change a life -one or hundreds if  God deems it. In that vain, I start this blog trying, to make sure you both enjoy, the message and gain insight from it. Environmental Life Ministries is entering a “new e
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