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I Am The Richest Man In The Room

I started this blog two nights ago. It was early in the morning somewhere around 130 am EST. I was just about complete with the blog message and I was happy, it just needed some correcting and I could publish it. It was late last night when I realized it had vanished and I had nothing to correct or publish.

Yes, I correct my work. I have never been particularly good at English grammar or writing. I think it a bit humorous; I do these blog despite my inability for professional perfectionism. I feel that the messages help people so I continue despite the one hundred extra commas, or the run on sentences, or the misplaced verbs. People have told me I need someone to correct my work and to my true friends that have told me such, I say thank you.

I do not have the resources to have my work redone or corrected. I do not know people who have the time or the desire to commit. There is the other problem; I have not made the request for help.

I do this blog for free and it is important to note, I do it.  There is the amazing thought and premises –“ I do it ”- The effort I have put out has afforded me with the knowing, that I have had 45 thousand page turns in one year on my website. This may seem small in a world of 7 billion. It is ok with me more does not equate success. The achievement is in the doing.

I have the wonderful joy and  know that every country in the entire world has had at least one viewer on my website. The continent of Africa has had many views from many provinces or regions. It brings me joy to know someone has seen something I created.

I am asked how much money does the website make? That is how most people want to equate my success. I have not had one single donation and so I have not made one penny. This site actually costs me money. Then I am asked; so you pay to have people read your messages. I say to that No.  Never is someone forced to come here. God brings people to read what I write. I pay a service to make it available.  Yes, it costs me money, time, effort etc.   Then I am asked why do it?

I do the website not for gain, I do it for love. I may help someone, even if my messages may seem trite. I know the most important premises is:  “I do it”.  I do it in faith. I do it and allow all that is not in my control, be taken care of by God.

My messages are never a waste. I gain value in the effort, I gain value knowing they are viewed, I gain value that I help employ the people who provide the forum for my efforts to be viewed on, I gain value in that  I do it from love, I gain value that God  knows I try.  I gain value in that I have proof of my efforts. Etc.

Money does not measure the value of one’s happiness or abundance. Money is just an exchange of energy to reflect an exchange.  Hence, the premise one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. A Picasso is valueless to a tribesman needing a bowl. My effort makes a difference to me and it is very valuable to me. My effort is so valuable I exchange money to give it life.

How valuable are your efforts or are all your efforts for profit only? True wealth is the measure of love in every aspect of your life. If you live for money you lack much. Life is mind, body, and spirit. If you do not have love  in equal shares in all aspect of your life-you have lack.  The treasure is you and all you treasure is your life.

I laugh, because many times I have met financially wealthy people and I turn out to be the richest man in the room. Do I have the best clothes or best car or servants or the most money; no but my love makes me richer than the shallowness of money, an object, possession, or a service. Everywhere I take my love it reaps value-every time I share love it reaps value. You cannot top that. You cannot take money to a dying man in hospice and help him obtain release from death but to the same man love can bring to his soul total peace in passing. On the other side of death  you will not top love either!

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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