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Be The Light

Be The Light

Is life boring, humdrum, are you just not smiling? Be the light!

It is as easy, as choosing to be the light.

Choose the intention, set forth to make everyone smile and be happy.

When you choose to be the light, you become a light and everyone around you is changed.

You smile, you  be who you are, but just choose to be happy. God does the rest.

In trial after trial, I have found this to be a truth.

I have suggested this very thing, to many people who return back to me, smiling.

  • Being the light, starts by just smiling.
  • Choose not to be negative, no matter what the situation.
  • Laugh, laugh, and laugh!
  • Think of little things, to bring joy to you, and everyone’s life. (Flowers.Orgami.Take Pictures.Coffee.Cupcakes.Candy.)Be creative.
  • Share of yourself and let God work through you, he will give you ideas.
  • Do a daily journal, on what you did, with your daily intentions and be surprised, when everyone around you starts changing.
  • Care for others, even Mr. or Mrs. or Miss. Negative.
  • Shower complements! (sincere ones, only)
  • Enjoy every day, this is your only life.

Enjoy, Being the Light and changing everyone’s life – including yours!

Be Love Always,

Rev Jay

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