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Be A Creator

My message is to always be you. It is hard to be authentic and face people who may ridicule. A light house is only built where storms are, you are a light house. Your light is meant to touch others. Your light it can be someone’s saving “Grace”. I love Source/God and my love can never be crushed. I fail religion; yet I champion Love. I do not ask, but for you to be your own champion. Own it, embody it, and be happy with your truth. 

When Source/ God looks down from the heavens do you think his essences feels honor, when you kill for him, do you think he feels honor, when you hate others, when you fight for land, when you starve people, when you are not a good neighbor. Is God honored by you? You are a light, when you give from love, when you help the poor.  Shovel snow for the widow; bring flowers to the nursing home, read for children in a library or in your home. When you bake cookies and share them.

I always admired my friend’s mother she would always share food from her home with all the children. It may have been just cool-aide. It felt like she cared, we felt she was sharing love. We live on a planet but we are each a world. I remember in psychology class learning that as children are growing see their world all about me ,me, me. Then in growth they start realizing the world is not all about “me” but rather the planet and others.  We are taught to no longer be selfish etc.

We are never taught that connecting with that self identify, is important exponetionally. They world real is all about “me”. You are the creator of “all” in your world, on this planet. That is an absolute fact. You choose your good and bad world. Some say if you live in poverty, then you cannot not change. I say, everything is choice. Man walked out of Africa with no shoes on their feet. Man walked on the moon. Children escape abuse and choose happiness. Some people choose difficult roads;like to be the defender of war, some choose to cause war. Some choose enlightenment. Mother Teresa chooses compassion and survived and thrived.

I personally have walked from poverty to comfort. I walked from abuse to love. I ended a cycle of hate with forgiveness. I have found happiness in sharing  my food. I have shared love to the elderly in the nursing homes with a touch on the hand or shoulder. I have reached out to the world, to tell people to pray. I have written three books of music. I have written my first “How to Book” (not yet published coming soon). I have healed the sick with energy through my hands. I have loved God unconditionally. I tell the world of God’s love daily.  I have given help to my neighbors. I propagated hundreds of plant for mothers’ day and gave them away. I help my friend regularly. I have helped my family.

I am what some would call low income in the USA. I never chased after money. I have sought out happiness, peace, joy, love, and honor. “ME”, I am my world, I live what I create. It was through my choices my world is like it is now and how it looks. You cannot buy love; but in my world love is my most valued attainment and sharing love is free.  Through love I have obtained all the other desires for this life. I laugh, sing, and share. I have happiness, joy and peace. I feel I have honor. I live as a just man.

My world helps our planet. If your world does not reflect what you desire, choose to change it. Ask God to help you. Listen closely for he will guide you. I did not know the way out of poverty and abuse; I just believed and followed my heart. My passion gave me hope. My hope gave me choices. My choices got me here.

I recognized I was the creator in my world, even in poverty, I had hope and once in a while, happiness. Now “I am happiness daily and now I have moments of bliss”. Now I have joy and I share peace.

I am choosing this year to allow more financial abundance. In January financially I did better than in the four previous months. I am choosing and listening and this year will be the best ever. I am working smart instead of hard and it is paying off. I intend to be working even smarter to become more financially successful. I am choosing to allow all I desire. You can too.

Be Perfect Love Rev Jay

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