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Aliens Are Coming !

The Aliens are coming:

What would it mean to our world, if there truly were aliens?  I think life would take on a whole new value, if we realized we are not alone. I have mentioned in other blogs this premises. I usually am prompted to write blogs on what is currently happening in the world or has been brought to my attention. I have never seen any spaceships or aliens. The thought of them excites the boy inside of me and reminds me of happy youthful thoughts of the movies Star Wars.

The thought of space exploration allows the mind to explore on dimensions not yet discovered. I also have that same fondness for archeology. In May of this year 2013 a disclosure conference was held in Washington DC in the USA. This was a three day conference on the proof of alien existence and their possible agendas.  This was not widely televised with media coverage. I have since watched some of the testimony presented by high ranking Canadian officials, military officials and other UFO-oglists.

  • I was surprised of the seriousness of the conference. I guess, I always perceived that aliens are not real and that people associated with them were strange or quacks. I have taken on another level of thought. I am a lover of wisdom and I am the person who always asks, the-what if questions. Since concrete evidence of aliens never has been brought forth it would appear they do not exist. 
  • The reality of unexplained phenomena does exist. We cannot explain lots of things; are vision may be skewed, are camera out of focus, a miracle from God. Does that make them not real?
  • We know they are real. We have documented cases of miracles that have happened.  People cannot all be strange or quacks. We understand gravity but we see it not and we believe in it. When we see astronauts in an anti gravity environment we see what no gravity would be like. We however still do not or cannot see gravity and yet we know it co-exists. This disclosure symposium brought forth a lot of circumstantial evidence from very reliable sources. The facts and seriousness and level of competent advisors of this disclosure symposium, have made me have to look at this whole alien –space population with a feeling of reality.
  • If we are not alone in the universe do we want to know? I of course would like to know and try to glean knowledge from all they know.  The Canadian representatives at the symposium were under no US jurisdiction and spoke of experiences freely from governmental held positions and perspectives. I fear there has been some type of government cover up in the United States.  There may in the past been reason for this to remain secretive. I believe we now as a populace need to know.
  • If in fact there has been a cover-up, to what degree of concern do we need to have?  My mind is racing into a hundreds of questions.  Here are a few:  What is the Alien agenda? Are they living among us? Since they must be superior in technology, by getting here to earth; it is reasonable to believe they are intellectually superior. How are we sure they have not infiltrated our governments? Do they use telepathic methods to convey information? How do we know what they say is true and not just what they want us to believe?  Who have we elected to be the liaisons to these races. What should be our agenda?  How can we publically welcome this information?  Where can we meet them?  If taking over the earth was their agenda, they probably did not need to make contact; so what or why have they come. Do they have technology that can help eliminate human waste and can clean our environments?  Can they teach us how to feed the entire world? Do they have free energy systems, etc?
  • My fear is that all these questions have been asked and many, many other questions already. If however, there is a cover- up, what is being denied are humanity? How do we bring this cover up to an end?  Who do choose to be are peace ambassadors. 

It is evident that there is more going on than we know. Do you want to know?  The best scenario is the Aliens are coming and will unite all humanity into accepting every human as a brother and a sister.  Let us discover the truth and end the fears of not knowing. We have a right to know all truth and God will bring full disclosure if he deems it.  So, I put it in Gods’ hands and all the fear associated with it. I will trust in love and faith that God will bring forth love, that is always in our best and highest interest. Making a big step forward for me I state; When we meet our space brothers and sisters, we greet them with open arms and God’s love and grace and with humility.

Be Love Always

Rev Jay

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