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Affirmations Are Prayer

Affirmations Are Prayer:

I pray every day. I believe affirmations, are a form of prayer. I believe what you say, is present in your life and if you are focused on lack, that is what you are creating. I believe if you affirm what is the truth- then truth, is what you will have in your life.  I believe all in your life, starts with how you feel about yourself and God.

I use this affirmation every day, it is my truth and I celebrate in all God gifts me:

I humbly recognize that I now, have complete and total love for myself.

I honor myself and believe I am truly worthy.

I hold fast in this discovery daily and believe I am an example for others.

I stand in the knowing, I am of God’s seed, worthy of total love.

I stand in the knowing, I am of divinity and exceptional in every way.

I release this knowing, in humble gratitude that it is good and true

and that it is so, and so it is – Amen, Amen, Amen

I am that I am.


I use this affirmation daily; for abundance in my life.

I am experiencing the abundant gifts that God provides for me

Perfect health, unlimited financial wealth, unlimited love.

I in gratitude, thank my God, for all I am experiencing.

I stand in the knowing, that my God provides me, security and comfort

and I am debt free. I stand in the knowing, all this

abundance in health, financial wealth, and love, that I have been

gifted, becomes help for all the world.

I celebrate and release this knowing and allow it to be and so it is!

Amen, Amen, Amen.


I share these affirmations that you too, can come to love what God made perfect:

His seed, worthy of his vast abundant treasures, here on earth as in heaven!

Be Love Always!

Rev Jay



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