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A True Story

A True Life Story

My ministry has brought me down many paths, to learn things and see things that not everyone, should have to. I was introduced to a couple in their early fifty’s. Nice people, they had a problem. The problem was hoarding. It happened slowly while, raising their children. They lived a little above their actual income level. Money was tight and the need not to waste, to always conserve and save was necessary.This  helped make ends meet.

These were people known, in the community and were respected, they had this nice home and good jobs etc.  The truth was, they did not have friends, not because they were not nice –it was because there home was not available for friendship. The hoarding made them embarrassed and their child and the couple were the only ones, who knew the secret. The child growing up in it, did not see it as a problem. The adults only socialized out of their home.

Enter Environmental Life Ministries (ELM from this point on). My friends contacted me and said they knew this couple who needed help with cleaning out a garage. Simple enough, I went to meet the people and see, if ELM could be of service.  I was told a story, their children had grown and moved out and they had acquired all this stuff. They did not want to throw away anything, but garbage and could not do it themselves- He having a heart condition and her a bad back.

This was a two car garage with a laundry room and bathroom in the very back –it was neck high with stuff. Amazingly they seemed to know all the quality things, they so desired and missed, but could not find in the mess.  Their fear of people knowing their problem and their fear of letting go of junk, kept them trapped. I identified immediately, the hoarding problem. I placed no judgments; I knew why my friends, suggested me, to go see them. I was sent to help them. ELM was sent to help these nice people.

ELM made a mission trip for two years, doing the garage, the first year. The second year, doing the basement, and redoing the garage. I am talking about very unsanitary condition and shoveling bag full’s of garbage, 87 bags from the basement. Paper, waist high and molded and rotting. Year three came, her husband passed, early in January. She kept asking my friends, if I was coming, to her state, to help. I assured them, help would get there and ELM would still assist her again. The autonomy of ELM  being from out of state, helped to remove the fear of judgment– she was not going to run, into me or my help and feel any embarrassment. Her secret was still safe.

Year three, we did the garage again.Then a breakthrough, she finally let “me” in the house to see and after much discussion, She trusted me and decied to accept help. This lovely lady, sat on a couch, in a living room she was unable to access in 19 years. Also, one bedroom was cleared.

While , I was in that state, I raised a little over $400.00 dollars ,  which went to a family living in total poverty (that’s another story) but the money really,  helped them. Environmental Life Ministries has many experiences, like this one, I hope to share many other experiences, without infringing on anyone’s privacy. All expenses were gifted, all labor was free, to all that were helped, no fees, were accepted by me or ELM for any services provided.

Donations make missions and projects happen, if you can, please help us financially. It feels good to give and it feels better to know, you have helped.

Be Love Always,

Rev Jay

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