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2013 Resolutions

A  New Year:

How exciting a new year. Everyone gets to make resolutions on how this year will be better and how they intend to start over. Making New Year resolutions goes as far back in history, as to the Babylonians. Many resolutions succeed but the majority of the time they don’t.

Making a New Year promise at least makes people think about what they want to change. So the tradition has continued. I commend the people who make the resolutions and stick to them. A year is a long time and you really don’t know the outcome for the whole year,until the whole year is over.

Might I suggest something a lot easier, let us have resolution or intention day. You set your intention or make a resolution, the night before intention or resolution day. The intention or the resolution is only for one day.

You may be the “studious” type and write your intention or resolutions down. You may just be the “sticky note” type and stick a note to a mirror in the bathroom, so first thing, the next day you can start your resolution. You may be the “good intention” person and set your intention the night before, and be willing to do it in the morning, if you remember. You might be the “ I am never going to set intentions or make resolutions” type of person and stay in your unchanging mire.

Here is the biggest change to intention or resolution day. We make it a daily routine every night. Many people call it living on purpose. You are the boss – you choose the purpose, intention or resolutions

The miracle of life is waking up the next day. Many people go to bed every night and do not wake up.  Life is a gift.  Life is to be lived each day because there may be no tomorrow. Now is all we have. Tomorrow never comes, and the past is done.

To live each day of life set in intention or resolution makes real change happen each day. You may be burden with a brain tumor, amnesia, car accident, a violent act, an accident, no one really knows.

If each day you live in intention you know by the end of the day, if your resolution or intention was achieved. It doesn’t need to be hard or burdensome, you can set simple intentions and make simple resolutions that cause huge change.

Just imagine if your intention was to be joyful. Then next day right before bed you would know, if you had success and were joyful that day. Failure to be successful, gives opportunity for a new intention or resolution.  Success gives opportunity for more changes and richer experiences in life. There is so much more joy, when resolutions or intentions are achieved. However, “small” the intention or resolution – success always feels good. If you’re living on purpose and in intention or making daily resolutions your life can have daily success and joy from achievement. YOU ARE REALLY LIVING NOT EXISTING BUT CHOOSING..

Imagine everyday going to work after setting the intention, of being kind to the person you most dislike, You  fail, you could still make a resolution to try again. The next day with the right frame of mind and a gift from the heavens for good effort, you might succeed.One aspect of negative in your life may be erased and you may learn to accept and like everyone you work with.

How would feel to like everyone in your life or everything you do or make people smile, or help someone poor?

Set your intention, make a daily resolution, and start living on purpose. When you choose to do things on purpose or with intention or by making daily resolutions, you are really living. If you don’t wake up tomorrow, you will have lived, each day doing some activity’s you choose and felt were important to achieve. How much better could life get than that!

Be Love Always.

Rev  Jay


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