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How Are You Being Fooled?

How are you being  fooled. Our society is in an endangered position at this point in history.  The old ways of keeping the masses of population looking the other way, is coming to an end. People are waking up and they are choosing to unite against the ugly realities of the old ways. There is a heart awaking and a personal identity awaking happening. In U.S. football there is a standard procedure o
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Drops of Love For All -Pome by Rev James

I send drops of love to every soul on earth today Let it be felt in drops from the sun Let it be felt from that special one Let it be felt in the drops of rain Let it be felt in the ease up of pain Let it be felt as you make a choice Let it be felt in a friend’s kind voice Let it be felt when you share something new Let it be felt in all that you do Let it be felt as you ease someone’s fears Let i
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