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2014- is Here!

I lived my 2013 New Year’s Resolution successfully.

I remember in January of 2013 just how much I wanted change. It appears this New Year 2014 is starting out very similar. I have a completely new look on life and it is positive. I did have a positive attitude going into 2013 but I really was not feeling it deep in my heart. I did not have the excitement I have going into 2014.

I am so excited about this upcoming year. I wonder if we are actually going to meet Aliens this year. I think this could be the year. I think there will be a whole lot of great new experiences this year and I cannot wait. I did not have this kind of excitement last year.

I have to reflect in great gratitude on all the good I went through in 2013. I created a business, I quit a job that did not bring me happiness and I was supported financially by the universe. I am very proud of all the work I did in 2013. I grew to be a better person.

Life is really about the love, joy,happiness and experiences. 2013 was filled with love, joy, and happiness for me. I have every intention of having all I experienced in 2013 and even better in 2014. I am choosing to have success in every area of my life. Yes, every area of my life.

I have never been all about money; I have released a lot of my issues about money in 2013. I have stopped pushing it away from me.  Money now seems to be coming into my life and I am happy about it. Money in previous year was always an issue. I am finally at a point that I can still do Gods’ work and I can accept payment for my services. I have canceled my vow of poverty. I don’t believe it helps me anymore; to have lack of money. I don’t believe it helps people around me either.

In 2014 I will accept that my Lord has unlimited abundance and therefore; enough money for me to live and have a successful life with extra money. I am still not all about money but after the years of lack, I have learned lack really does not serve anyone. I too am a child of God and I too have needs and desires. My life story gets truly complete when I achieve financial success. I am very balanced in all other factors of living and I live as a just man.

Once I achieve monetary success, I will have achieved another level of heaven on earth. I own pretty much everything a just person could want. I have unconditional love, I have true friends, I have happiness, I have joy, peace and tranquility. I am not materialistic. I have had great experiences in 2013.

In the course of 2013 I learned how good I have it. I have experienced much joy through creation. I have shared more love than ever before. I work out of love for God and I have touched many lives. I have paid all my bills in 2013 but I felt struggle, some of the time to make ends meet financially.

 I know 2014 will hold financial success for me. I know by my gaining financial success and having money it will bring hope for others to fulfill their dreams. My freedom can be viewed as truth of divine support. I am so happy right now that I can’t wait, until Jan 1, 2015 to tell everyone of my success in 2014.

God has graced me in every aspect of my life, including with money in 2013. In 2014 I am taking it up a notch and I am going to allow money to flow effortlessly and abundantly. I am my truth and I will report my success in a year.  How much better can it get than this? For my New Year’s Resolution; I am claiming all the success I had in 2013 plus abundant financial success in 2014. I love you and thank all of you, who follow me and my messages. Have a blessed 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember- To Be Love Always

Rev Jay 

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