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Fun Life should be fun! I lived most of my life having fun. There have been times when life wasn’t fun (most of my childhood). The times that make my heart sing are, when I am happy and I am just having fun.  What is fun? It is different for many people, I sometimes just have fun playing my music and having the window open and knowing the universe is hearing it. I have fun a lot around food.
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I Am The Richest Man In The Room

I started this blog two nights ago. It was early in the morning somewhere around 130 am EST. I was just about complete with the blog message and I was happy, it just needed some correcting and I could publish it. It was late last night when I realized it had vanished and I had nothing to correct or publish. Yes, I correct my work. I have never been particularly good at English grammar or writing.
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Why is Love Avoiding Me?

 Why is Love  Avoiding Me? This week the most sought after answer was about love relationships. I have three of the most important help solutions for love relationships. 1) You can not ever be in a true happy love relationship with out liking yourself first. Not necessarily your physical appearance or  how you look. If you like yourself you take care of yourself  and your physical appearance.I am
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